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Friday, November 25, 2016

Chapter 44 - Even It’s Famous, I Don’t Know What I Didn’t Know

The man continued to speak while ignoring my remark. Eh? when will we start? Just hurry and come at me.

[It seems you don’t know who am I?]

[Oh, he doesn't know about Aniki? He must have just come from the countryside!!]


[ ? ] (Wazu)

No, I really don’t know and I don’t care at all.

[I will tell you if you don’t know!! I am little brother of great bandits Digondo Brother’s leader, Gondo] (Gondo)

[ ..... ] (Wazu)

I tilted my head. On second thought I still don’t know, I never heard his name and all. The other bandits added an explanation with a loud voice.

[No, it’s impossible he didn’t know!!]

[This is Digondo's brother we are talking about!!]

[Did everything from rape, murder, robbery, and other criminal acts!!]

[There is a bounty on his head!!]

[It’s 100 gold coin no less!!]

[Even B-rank adventurer are no match for him!!]

[And this Gondo-sama is his brother] (Gondo)

[Heee~] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [What’s with that weak reaction!!!] ] ] ]

Huh? Is that surprising? It’s just B-ranked adventurer right? it’s not a big deal. But 100 gold coins rewards.... did Orlando know about it? wait a second.... if the little brother is here, does that mean Orlando is headed to the big brother.... will he be all right? I think it’s not a problem in a 1-on-1 fight, but if there are a lot of opponents, or if they are take a villager as hostage....

Yosshi, I will finish these guys quickly and save the villager.

[That’s enough.... You guys get rid of him!! But be careful to handle a dragon child on his head because we can sell it for a super-high price later!!] (Gondo)

[ [ [ Ouu!!!! ] ] ]

The other bandits are attacking all at once. Swords, knives, hand axes, etc. they are armed with various kinds if weapons. I tried not to drop Meru from my head while avoiding their attack. I adjust my power to a degree as not kill each person and knocked all of them down in one strike.

[Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!] (Wazu)

The bandits who were beaten up gathered in one place and stacked up like a mountain. The mountain gradually become larger while the bandits surrounded me were decreased. Noticed the abnormal situation, the rest of the bandits were hesitating to come towards me so I come towards them instead.

Currently, there are only two people left standing in this place, me and the little brother of something. When I cast the dust off my shoulder, this little brother raised a voice while trembling.

[Wh-Wh-Wh-What the heck are you.... to defeated this number of people in no time....] (Gondo)

[Even you asked me that.... Ah!! For now I’m just a F-rank adventurer, I guess?] (Wazu)

Come to think of it, where did I put my guild card again. There are various thing to remember and it was completely falling out of my head. When I arrive in the kingdom, I need to submit an application to raise my rank.

[Th-That’s a lie!! With so much strength, it’s impossible that you are just F-rank adventurer!!] (Gondo)

No, I’m telling the truth. Should I show you my guild card? While I was looking for my guild card, the little brother showed his back and ran away.

[Wait a moment, I will show it to you!!] (Wazu)

I move in front of the little brother in a flash, but he attack me with his sword while shouting before I could show him my guild card.

[Uwaaa~a~a~a!!!!] (Gondo)


Because the swords is aimed at my head, I tried to catch it with my finger so as not to hit Meru. But it’s shattered instead. Somehow, I feel sorry. The little brother stunned when looking at his broken sword. I didn’t feel like showing him my guild card anymore so I knocked him down and throw it to the mountain of bandits.

I was troubled in front of a mountain of bandits. I can leave them just as is but what if they wake up and run away. While I thought about what to do, an idea came into my mind. But first, I asked Meru to search for villagers that should have been confined somewhere. While Meru flew around the village, I lightly beat the ground in the square to make a hole that fits for 4-5 people in. I buried the bandits into a hole while leaving their head outside. I made similar holes to buried other bandits.

I repeated the same work many times. Finally, I finished burying the little brother in the hole for one person. As Meru came back, I opened my hands and waited for her. She landed on my face instead, after a little struggle to climb onto my head she pointed her small limb to one direction.

[Should I go over there?] (Wazu)

[Kyui~!] (Meru)

The place Meru pointed was a village’s assembly hall. There were two people that acted as guards, I buried them in the same manner as the other bandits. There was a big lock prepared by the bandits at the door but with *eii* I snapped it into two. There were a lot of people inside when I opened the door. Everyone's attention were focused on me.

[Who are you....? One of the bandits....?]

Because it’s a little strange to see me entering the assembly hall alone, an elder old man asks for confirmation from me. I briefly explained the current situation and released everyone. They are conveyed their gratitude to me and I found out that the elder old man is a village chief. I told the chief that my friend is still in a fight with other bandits so I will join him. I asked some adventurers to watch the bandits that I buried in the ground. I asked Meru to search for Orlando’s location from his smell. I dashed as soon as Meru pointed to one direction.

Orlando, please stay safe....

+ + + + +

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