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Monday, November 21, 2016

Chapter 43 - We Arrived At The Village But....

There are 2 villages that exist on the highway that connected Rinikku city and the Imperial Capital. One of them is Oishi village, it takes 5 days on foot from Rinikku city. I heard that from Orlando. We had spent plenty of time for training before we arrive at the village. Sometimes our opponent was a monster that appeared, we also faced each other regulary, we did various things.

However, I couldn’t grasp anything, there was no such a thing as inprovement on my side. Well, I think that my VIT stat was so high because I got hurt so much before, not from training. With such a feeling, we walked  slowly to the Oishi village. It took us 7 days that normally only needed  5 days.

The two of us entered the Oishi village. Although it’s not so large, the surruonding village is fortified with a brick wall and there are many inns and taverns. It was completely built for people who were traveling to the imperial capital. However I couldn’t see anyone. There were no innkeepers, no customers, really no one. Orlando and me looked at each other and carefully observed the surrounding while being vigilant. Orlando pulled the sword from his waist. I was also warned Mearu that feeling restless on my head just in case.

We proceeded slowly and reached an open space like a village square where a crowd people gathered in the center. I wondered what this commotion was about.... well, we will see later. Orlando put back the sword to its sheath and approaches the crowd.

[What’s happened here?] (Orlando)


Everyone stirred up when Orlando call out. They are staring as if appraising us, then a man came out of the crowd.

[....and you are?]

[Ah forgive me. We are travelers in the middle of our trip to the  Imperial Capital from Rinikku city] (Orlando)

[Is that so.... I’m sorry but we are not in a state to received an outsider at the moment. Please continue your journey!]

[However, it seems to be a serious matter, we can lend our power if it’s needed] (Orlando)

Orlando spoke to the man with a full face smile to gain a favorable impression. Such smiling face is impossible for me. The man come back to the crowd to consulting with his friends. Their flickering glance is aimed towards Meru instead of Orlando. I feel something unpleasant so I called out to Orlando.

[Hey, I feel something unpleasant, why don’t we pass quickly?] (Wazu)

[What are you talking about Wazu? If someone is in trouble, it’s a knights job to help!!] (Orlando)

You are not yet a knight, right? What....? You are already a knight in the heart?

Haaa.... after sighing out I tried to convince Orlando more strongly but before that happen, the man came back and spoke to Orlando.

[I’m sorry to kept you waiting. I will tell you about the situation, so if it’s possible could you lend us your power?]

[Yeah!! Leave it to me!!] (Orlando)

Whatever! When I turned my eyes wide towards the crowd of people, some people jumped out and disappeared somewhere.

[Actually the bandits had attacked a while ago, and girls in the village had been kidnapped]

[What!? That’s a serious matter!!] (Orlando)

[So now, I thought to gather the young people in the village to take them back....]

[I understand. Because I’m confident with my power somewhat, let me help too by all means, please!!] (Orlando)

[That would be a great help]

[Of course Wazu will also come, right?] (Orlando)

Orlando asked for confirmation from me, but I pretended to think without responding. Well....

For now I will reply as if were troubled.

[No, I will stays here] (Wazu)

On my reply Orlando showed an [Eh?] face and the man showed discontent face for a moment. I tell him a reason that I have to come up with.

[Maybe the bandits will come again. I will stay here so you can go over there. It’s all right, it will be easy for the current you] (Wazu)

[I see.... It certainly has its danger, it’s a good idea to split our fighting force. Yoshh, I leave this place to you!! Let’s go right away!!] (Orlando)


When Orlando said to me --[I'm going]-- he took several people and went outside the village. Do your best because it was also part of the training. While looking in the direction Orlando went, the previous man spoke to me.

[Eh? You are not going?]

[Hmm? I don’t want to go, because the thieves are here as well] (Wazu)

I laugh fearlessly toward the man from earlier.

[No, the thieves are----]

[First of all, even it’s true that a women and child were kidnapped, it’s impossible that no one left. Moreover, I didn't see any young man or old man in this place] (Wazu)

[Next, this place should have a lot of villagers but there are too few people here no matter how you think about it. Although this is an Inn village but there are no customers at all. Probably, you confined all of them somewhere in the village, right?] (Wazu)

[This is the end of my speculation, there are some of your companions who are heading there first right? the guys who left the crowd earlier went to give the news to other guys so they can launch an attack from behind. In other words, it’s a pincer attack plan. How’s that?] (Wazu)

Without uttering a word, the man clicks his tongue and gave a signal to his companion by hand. Then a group of people apeared from every direction, surrounded me by drawing a circle around me. There are twice as many people as before.

[Hee!! You are quite smart despite your appearance, but there are somethings in the world that’s better unsaid. Did you think you could defeat us if the people here were reduced? Too bad!!]

He said so with a triumphant look and recived a sword from a man behind. Meanwhile I was lightly streching.

[One, two, ...., seven, eight, ....] (Wazu)

[....? what are you doing?]

[Eh? warming up!] (Wazu)

It’s for blowing you away.

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