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Chapter 42 - Departure

Training with Orlando--- Even though I say that, all I did was just avoid his slash attack, if there is a gap I would tap him lightly. I mean, I don’t understand a thing about swordsmanship--- but there was something I had understood after repeating such activity. Orlando is a instinctively genius.

I didn’t taught him anything in particular, but after doing practice swings for several times he suddenly said --[I get it!!]-- and it’s certain that after some time later, I can sense that his attack seems  to be improving.

We repeated this activity over and over again. I think his capability has risen up surpassing a majority of B-rank adventurer. Still not on the same level as A-ranked [Black Flame] but it’s not impossible because his swordmanship almost reached the same level as them. Well, it’s just my feeling.

Orlando is sprawled out on the plain. Because we have spent a considerable amonut of time, he was sweating profusely and breathing heavily right now. On the other side, I’m just sitting lei~su~re~ly beside him.

[Haa~.... Haa~.... how could.... even after moving.... so much.... there is not single sweat....] (Orlando)

[Well, because I have a fundamentally different strength level from you] (Wazu)

[Haa~.... to be honest.... it’s going too far.... Haa~....] (Orlando)

The most part of sun has already set, let’s go back after Orlando regained his breath. I have caused trouble to Meru, Keyla-san, and other people, I should apologize later.

[Say....] (Orlando)

[Hmm?] (Wazu)

[I wonder if.... I was strong enough to be a knight....] (Orlando)

[Why not? You are strong as now!] (Wazu)

[I see....] (Orlando)

You are strong enough. At least much better than average knight out there.

[.... Yoshh!! I have decided it!!] (Orlando)

Orlando got up and look at me.

[I will go to Mabondo kingdom to become a knight!!] (Orlando)

[Oh~ Do your best!!] (Wazu)

[That’s right, if you don’t mind, would you like to go to the kingdom with me?] (Orlando)

Mabondo kingdom, huh? Certainly, even if I continue to stay in Rinikku city just like this.... I look at the sky while think about it. When I take a glance at Orlando, he had put on a serious expression. It seems he was asking me seriously. Well, Orlando is a nice guy, he is a friend that you can rely on. --[It’s a farewell then!]-- I couldn’t just say that.

I faced Orlando.

[Not a bad idea, I guess. I want to see the figure of Orlando as a knight] (Wazu)

[Of course!! Just wait and I will show you!! My gallant figure as a knight!!] (Orlando)

[When are we going?] (Wazu)

[Actually I'm ready anytime, it just hard to find a determination.... so I would like to go as soon as possibe?] (Orlando)

[That’s fine. I don’t have anything to do in particular, except to say goodbye to the people that took care of me in this city] (Wazu)

[Then, how about you do a round farewell tomorrow, and we will depart in the morning the day after tomorrow, how’s that?] (Orlando)

[Sound’s good to me] (Wazu)

Orlando stood up, --[Yeah!! Let’s do it!!]-- and cried out.

[Let’s go by foot. We will train throughly until arriving at the kingdom] (Wazu)

[O-ouuuu~.... bring it....] (Orlando)

He was obviously feels reluctant. But it’s all right, because I will give you a hands.

We went back to the city to prepare. Upon arriving at the inn, to Keyla-san and Lula --[It’s all right now. Thanks for your concern]-- I said so while lowering my head.

While beating my shoulder with *bashi-bashi* Keyla-san was, --[There were also various things happening when I was at your age]-- she said so while laughing splendidly.

Then, when I told Lula that I will be leaving this city the day after tomorrow, --[I won’t miss you]-- she said so while looking lonely. I was told that tomorrow they will make a luxorious dish for me.

--[Thank you very much!]-- I lowered my head and return to my room where Meru was there. I lowered my head and thanked her in the same manner, but somehow it feels funny. Wait, you didn’t do anything.... oh well.

After that I told her that we will leave the city. Tomorrow I will be going to say goodbye to people around and make neccessary preparation for the journey, for that reason I ask Meru to come along because I will put everything into her Space-Time Magic for later.

On the next day, I greeted all people that I got to know in this city. We bought a large amout of food from a stalls and put them into the Space-Time Magic. You may nibble on the food but please don't eat it too much, I will keep an eye on Meru.

Then, I stopped by the adventurer guild at the end of greeting. Emma-san and other guild staffs were --[The valuable fighting force is...........]-- said so. Huh? Is that you concerned with? I enter the guild master’s room to greet Regan.

[I see, you will leave huh....] (Regan)

[Yeah, thanks for taking care of me] (Wazu)

[Don’t mind it. Instead, you are the one who has taken care of me so this is a parting gift] (Regan)

Regan threw something small to me. I grabbed and confirmed it was a small bagde. The wind flows in a round shining world, the design gave such feeling.

[It was a sign for all party members from my adventuring time. Show it to the master of the adventurer guild headquarter in the imperial capital along with my name and you will receive some convenience. Probably....] (Regan)

[Master of the guild headquarter? Your acquintance?] (Wazu)

[That’s my sister.... But her personality is the worst] (Regan)

Regan had an irritating face when remembering about his sister. The why are you trying to introduce such a person to me....?

[Well, be sure to come visit this city again in the future] (Regan)

[Yeah but before that.... you told Orlando about my circumtances without permisson, so let me hit you once?] (Wazu)

[Guhh....] (Regan)

When he tried to escape from a window, I caught him quickly and delivered a light punch. With this I could leave without any lingering feeling. I went back to the inn and enjoyed a luxurious dish as promised yesterday.

The next day, we assembled at the gate early in the morning. Meru is sleeping on my head. In this place, Regan and Keyla-san, Lula, Emma-sa and her husband, in addition of those who I met in this city. There are also Orlando’s workplace collague and his acquintance. --[Thank you~]-- or --[Good luck~]-- came from everyone’s mouth. They are encouraging us. Inside this rain of encouragement, we started our journey to the imperial city of Mabondo kingdom.

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