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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chapter 41 - What You Ought To Have

I fell down on all fours in front of Garret-sans place where no one was there anymore. I slowly stood up and began to walk unsteadily to the inn while watching my own feet move step by step. Keyla-san tried to call out when she saw me coming, but looking at my depressed state, she immediately went to the counter and handed me the key.

[What's wrong with that face? I don’t know what happened, just rest for today!] (Keyla)

She said so and lightly pushed my back.  I lightly lowered my head to answer and entered the usual room. Inside the room, I threw my body on the bed and slept....

Lula brought me a meal.
I ate a little.
She told me to cheer up.
I slept.

Baldie came.
He had a face which seems like he was feeling awkward.
I slept.

Keyla-san brought me a meal.
She patting my back with *bashi-bashi*.
I slept.

When I noticed it, Meru was patting my head with *pon-pon*.
Are you trying to comfort me?
Thank you.
I slept.

Then the door was opened forcefully after two days had passed. I slowly looked at the door, lightly dressed Orlando shouldering a big bag was there. Orlando come in with *zuka-zuka*  and grabbed my arm.

[I heard the circumtances from Regan-san!! Let’s go!!] (Orlando)

Eh? Where?

Orlando dragged me out by the hand. Wait!? What on earth are you doing!? Please leave me alone!! Or rather, what’s that Baldie selfishly have told you!!

Orlando brought me to the place a little away from the city, it was a dreary plain with nothing.

[Why on earth did you bring me to a place like this?] (Wazu)

After he took a reasonable distance from me, Orlando took out a wooden sword from the bag he was carrying on and pointing the tip at me.

[What? Are you asking for a duel?] (Wazu)

[Well, something like that I guess. In anticipation of your strenght, I want you to accompany me practice. Just a little---

Here I go!!] (Orlando)

Orlando came to cut me with the sword but I avoided it half heartedly. Although I wouldn’t be hurt even if the attack landed.

[What are you really wanting to do?] (Wazu)

I asked while avoiding the slash, but Orlando only gave a refreshing smile.

[When you're feeling down, if you go out like this and move your body, it usually will make you feel better] (Orlando)

[Well....] (Wazu)

I'm don't feel better in particular. Besides, I hardly moved since it's started. Heck, can I go back?

[Beside, I want to tell you something] (Orlando)

[Tell me something?] (Wazu)

[Ah.... although it’s just my personal opinion] (Orlando)

Then, Orlando ceased his movement. Before I could react, a thrust landed on my chest.

[Wazu!! You are unsightly!!] (Orlando)

[Guhaaa.......] (Wazu)

Critical hiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!! I hold my chest down. This guy.... all of sudden.... uggh.... I know that my face is ordinary.... I’m not handsome like you.... Bu-but I won’t cry....

(TL : Critical hit!! he was talking about Orlando's words not his attack)

[Why do you look like you're about to cry.... did you misunderstand something?] (Orlando)

[What!?.... I know that my face isn’t handsome like you....] (Wazu)

[That’s no it!! I didn’t mean unsightly in that way!! Well thanks for the compliment though!!] (Orlando)

Yoshh, let’s kill him. Now, I can hit him seriously. Let's shattering the stars.

[Listen, what I’m trying to say is your current state is unsightly!! Indeed, getting dumped after being used by a woman you like, as a man I feel sorry for you] (Orlando)


Damn.... could it be that he’s trying to kill me with his words....

[But, look at yourself!! Being depressed and sleeping all day along!! That’s just wrong!!] (Orlando)

[Face the reality if you are a man!!] (Orlando)

[Be proud of what you’ve saved!] (Orlando)

[Surely you were abandoned. But you have brought her smile back. Isn’t that enough!? Let me tell you this---

It was because you are a MAN!!] (Orlando)

Orlando struck my face with a fist instead a wooden sword. I accepted his fist and pain runs on my cheeks. I understand that he's seriously hit me to convey that what he said was also serious.


You are really cool, Orlando....

My tears came overflowing naturally. It transmitted to Orlando’s fist through my cheeks. But still, he look straight at me.

[What’s this.... Why do you say such words to me....] (Wazu)

Orlando pulls his fist and clenches it hard.

[I don’t know what you think but---] (Orlando)

He turned his fist to me.

[For me, you are my friend!! That’s why I said this to you!!] (Orlando)

I see.... a friend, huh....

[What an awful friend.... do you always hit someone you referred to as a friend?] (Wazu)

[Because we are friends!] (Orlando)

Don’t give me that smile, I’m no match for you.

[Fine.... if you are my friend, will you keep silent about this?] (Wazu)

[Of course!] (Orlando)

H said so and turned away his body on the spot to the other side.

I keep shouting and crying out loud to my heart content....

After I cried for a while, I felt strangely refreshed. Just as Orlando said, because I was able to save Tata, I decided that it was enough. It’s still painful when I think about what cat-eared woman said.... it also made me remember about Aria and Sarona-san.... but my friend supported me. I managed to stand and look forward. When I was wiping my tears behind---

[Are you feeling better?] (Orlando)

--- he said so while smiling.

[Yeah, I feel better] (Wazu)

[That’s good] (Orlando)

[All right!! Well then, how about we continue the practice?] (Wazu)

[No.... that wasn’t my intention to bring you here....] (Orlando)

[Be at ease! As a Friend, I will accompany you to practice thoroughly!!] (Wazu)

After that, we practiced compulsorily.

+ + + + +

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