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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chapter 40 - Another Story : A Love Rival Appeared

It's has been several days since Wazu-san left the village. Now I can go to look for him at last. The village chief and the adult villagers have stopped restraining me because there is already a new Morito successor. There is nothing that tied me to the village anymore.

All right!! Though everyone seems to disappointed, but I couldn’t afford to stay here forever. I will go to look for Wazu-san to confess feeling. Because the future called Happy Ending is waiting for me there!!

The twins Elves, Yuyuna and Ruruna also will accompany me on this journey. They said they want to meet Wazu-san again. It seems they had become good friends. There is no problem with Yuyuna, but Ruruna is.... that wench, what is she planning? I can feel a danger when she talked and praised Wazu-san.

When I meet Wazu-san, maybe one or two lovers had already been with him. Nothing strange because Wazu-san is very charming person. I don’t think he will already have a wife though.... but it can’t be helped about lovers. Let me become one of them.

However, I don’t want his lovers to increase any further. Because if it increases.... that’s.... time for our love may be reduced.... ehehehehe.... Th-That’s why Ruruna is dangerous!! I feel a danger because she is dangerous!!

However for me who's never been out of the forest, the fact that there will be more people on the journey is something to be rejoice. It can’t be helped..... it can’t be helped if Ruruna wants to come along. Bu-But I should be the first!!

When we are preparing for the trip, the village became noisy. But it’s unlikely that a monster appeared because it sounds cheerful. I think they are welcoming someone. The three of us go out from the house to confirm the situation. It appears they are welcoming those who visited the village. Come to think of it, if I remembered correctly I heard there were requests to shelter some people inside this village for some time. It seems that there are quite a few people. We suspend the preparation and went towards that place to join welcoming them as part of the villager.

While a man called Garret talked about the future with chief, the other villager deepened their friendship with the other people. Meanwhile, I was closely watching a corner where two people were talking out of the circle. One of them is a cat beast-woman who joined later. The other person was a beautiful woman with characteristic blue hair.

Apparently, the woman with blue hair seemed to be listening to a story from the cat-eared woman. Then, the woman with blue was showed complicated look. She seems to be in trouble. I thougt that something has happened so I approaches to listen the story. Before that happen a woman and a man were talking to her. After they said something, the blue haired woman made a resolute face. It seems everything has been settled so I tried to turn back and leave the place but I have no choice but stopped my steps when I heard their conversation.

[Thank you mom!! I will absolutely meet Wazu-san and tell him my feeling] (Tata)

Eh? just now.... who is this person she wanted to meet? What did she want to tell....

Immediately I rushing my steps towards the blue haired woman

[Can I have a minute?] (Sarona)

[Yes, what is it?] (Tata)

[That Wazu-san you are talking about.... could it be, he is a strong person with black hair and eyes also has a normal appearance, he is also a little cute too, right?] (Sarona)

[Eh? how could you know it....] (Tata)

With that reaction alone, we understood each other's feelings. We are in a similar situation and exactly have the same thought. At that moment, there are sparks flying between us.

[I see.... could it be you are also looking for him] (Tata)

[Yeah, what of it?] (Sarona)

[Do you know his whereabouts?] (Tata)

[Guhh....] (Sarona)

It was caught off in painful place. Certainly, I don’t know where he is and I never considered where I should look for him.

[I knew where he is. Although I’m not sure whether he is still around, but I know a person who probably will know where he is] (Tata)

[Guhh....] (Sarona)

What’s with this feeling of defeat... I can’t lose here!!

[I have been confessed!!] (Sarona)

[So do I!!] (Tata)


[Ohoo it looks interesting] (Garret)

A man called Garret said so toward us while looking on our interaction. As I began to think, suddeny he said something that tickled me.

[That’s right.... why don’t you come to see him together with us?] (Garret)

[ [ Haaaaa!? ] ] (Tata & Sarona)

[It's just perchance, but he might have left the city if we don't hurry. It seems you are confident with your strenght?] (Garret)

[Well, it's because I have been in charge of the village’s defense until just recently] (Sarona)

[Hou, that’s amazing. I assumed Wazu had come to this village before and.....  you must be Tata’s love rival. Tata is familiar to the worldly people but she has no strength. In contrary this missy is strong but has no knowledge about the world outside the forest] (Garret)

[ [ ..... ] ] (Tata & Sarona)

He could guess my shortcoming excellently and I also understood what he was trying to say. Certainly we can cope with most crisis if we cooperate. We look at each other.

[.... It is exactly as you say] (Sarona)

[.... That’s right] (Tata)

[And our objective also aligned. Meeting Wazu-san should take the top priority] (Sarona)

[Yeah!] (Tata)

Then there is only one answer....

[We shall cooperate for the time being. I won’t lose though!] (Sarona)

[Well, that’s sounds good, I also won’t lose!] (Tata)

*zuzuzuzuzuzuzu* (TL : sparks sfx :D)

We shook hands while scattering sparks.

We arranged the trip few days later. First we leave the village and head towards Linnic city to look for Wazu-san.  It seems Nena will join us as Tata’s escort to apologize for what she had done.

Wait there Wazu-san!! Your Sarona will go to see you now!!

+ + + + +

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