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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chapter 39 - Iddle Talk : Tata

I have a gentle mother and father that work as merchants. I live healthy full of affection from the two of them, but there was a turning point in my life when I reached the age of 18. My father shouldered a large amount of debt from a lord. My life had changed completely, but the love from my parents was still unchanged.

From that time, the lord offered to take me as his wife to clear the debt but my parents refused obstinately even after I had said various thing to convince them....

I’d like to repay their love even a little so I decided to sell my body. I consulted with my father's acquaintance Garrett-san, to work at his place. I somehow managed to go through my first time by myself. Garret-san also helped me as well, he didn’t bring unpleasant or strange customer closer.

(TL : I couldn't understand her reasoning why she did it and there is no details explanation either)

Still, I couldn’t get the money if I didn’t take a costumer at all. After that I slept several times with some costumers, nothing would get done if I did nothing.

Everytime I was held held by someone whom I didn't know his name, my heart is dying. But I couldn’t stop because there was a debt to be paid.

The lord also came a couple of times to embraced me. At that time my heart really began to die and my emotions seemed to disappear.

I do not want to remember it....

Even so, I could make a friend as I lived here. The person I most get along with was a cat-eared woman, Nena-san. Her ears are cute and we often talked. I talked about my own life and cried.

Six months after I started working here, Garret-san called me to his room. I was introduced to Regan-san. I was surprised to hear that he is a guild master of this city. He also was Garret-san’s party member when he was still adventuring. And then Regan-san brought me a little hope....

He said that father’s debt might be the lord’s scheme that tried to get me. And I was more surprised to hear that they were currently doing an investigation to find the evidence. I cried when I thought that I just need to endure it a little more.

From that point, my heart didn’t feel like dying anymore when being held by a costumer. With my anger towards the lord in my heart, I believed that someday everything would end so I worked hard.

Half a year had passed since that time, I was 19 years old now-----

There was a meeting of destiny for me. According to Garret-san’s story, a strong hero that saved the city from majin will come to this place. When I talking with Nena about it, she suggested to use that person for a moment of need.

I headed to the drawing room led by the talking voice of Garret-san. There was a man with Regan-san. A man with a mediocre facial appearance and black eyes that look harmless. Is he really the person that people are talking about? It was my first impression. However, if he really has such strength, it will be useful if I approach him to keep the lord away from me. I will use this body to get closer to him. But that day I had failed because he collapse after drink liquor.

The lord's investigation is still progressing. I feel relieved because I had succeeded to make an appointment for next meeting with Wazu-san.

The next time we meet, I was prepared to sleep with Wazu-san because this was that kind of place. I thought it was possible to obtain the strongest ally with this dirty body of mine, but it didn’t happen. We just spent our time talking with each other.

However, this is the firts time in my life to feel this way, my heart felt it was being healed when I talk with him. But the fun time had ended with a noise. As soon as I recognized there was an incident I headed to the drawing room.

Garret-san was defeated and I was caught by a savage person. But the situation was over in a blink of an eye. I had been rescued before I noticed it and the barbarians were cleaned up in flash.

I was just looking at Wazu-san’ s back. He said something but it didn’t enter my head. I just watched the figure of him leavimg this place, my heart was beating so fast at an alarming rate.

The investigation has entered it's final stage. When I’m being embraced by a costumer, there is something that comes to my mind.

I wish he was Wazu-san.

The time I’m thinking about Wazu-san has increased. Almost everyday I was occupied by the thought about Wazu-san. I feel his ordinary face seems cute now. His back looks strong. I want to jump onto it. I never fell in love until now, this is my first love.

When I heard Wazu-san was coming to Garret-sans celebration party, my heart was jumped out in joy. I dressed up to the fullest. I took a deep breath a couple of times in front of the door. When I entered the room, Wazu-san was lying down on the sofa. As I approached him, I found out that he was asleep. He seemed to be having a nightmare. I looked around the room to make sure nobody was here. I gently lifted Wazu-san’s head and placed it on my lap, and then I gently stroked his head. I think that Wazu-san’s sleeping face became a little peaceful. It’s cute.... muuu!!

On the next day. Considering Wazu-san’s personality, I thought that he might come again today. I washed my body carefully as it may be held by Wazu-san this time. I didn’t want to make him wait. when I heard that he was coming, I went straight to the room with only a single bath towel wrapped on my body. It’s embarassing. And then this has become the day of fate that I will never forget forever....

While preaching Wazu-san to make him understand about how worried I was, the lord who turned to a monster barged into the room. Wazu-san was blown out from the room and I had been taken away by the lord. At that time, I was prepared for death. It’s regretable that Wazu-san would never embraced me even once.

But this determination was meaningless because Wazu-san came to save me before long. It’s embarassing when he held me in a princess carry.

Wazu-san was hit by magic one after another. Although he seemed fine, but I was worried and told him to escape alone. Wazu-san only showed me a puzzled look. Mouu!! Because of that I asked him something involuntarily.

[How come.... you're going so far to save someone like me?] (Tata)

[Eh? Because I love you] (Wazu)

Huh? What did he just say? Love? Wazu-san to me? You can’t. A woman like me is.... however Wazu-san denied it with his words when I was in self-deprecating. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me abruptly. Whaa!?

[I still love you nevertheless!! You hear?] (Wazu)

Eh!? What!? Eeehh? Yeah! Okay! I understand!! I coould only nod without uttering any words. As soon as I noticed, the situation was already over.

After that, we left the city. According to Garret-sans story, the lords family might seek retaliation. I decided to leave the city until things calmed down and hide myself at Garrett-san's acquaintances place. Although I didn’t want to leave Wazu-san, but at the present time I will only bring him trouble if I am near him. I asked Nena to tell him this story. She said it was all right to leave it to her.

A few days later I found out that Garret-san acquintance was an Elf. Moreover he was the head of an Elf village near the center Mountain. We were welcomed kindly.

As soon as Nena arrived at the Elf village, I ask whether my message has been told properly. But I was shocked when I hear a contents of the message she conveyed. By the way I didn’t tell Nena about my feeling towards Wazu-san.

Bu-but....!! What shoud I do!? I should have told her about my feeling properly.

My parents who saw my reaction seemed worried, when I was aked with --[What’s wrong?]-- I told them everything. Then my dad was stunned and my mother smile like flower bloomed.

[Oh dear, you should just chase after him right now]

Eh? Is that fine? I’m supposed to hide, right? while wondering about it, my mother told this matter to Garret-san. Thank you mom!!

Then after a while, with scattering sparks around, today the six of us leave the village to meet Wazu-san. The member is my love rival, two Elves, Nena, myself, and Garret-san. While being encouraged by everyone, we departed from the village to Rinikku city.

For the worst case he may not in Rinikku city anymore, but I will definitely find him!! At that time, I will not lose to any other woman!!

I don’t mind become the second wife or the third wife, so please have me Wazu-san.

+ + + + +

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