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Friday, November 11, 2016

Chapter 36 - I Suddenly Realize It

I went down to the dinning room on the first floor with Meru on my head after arranging my clothes and putting my guild card back. I just happened to see Keyla-san in the midst of cleaning a table so I asked her about how I came back yesterday.

She tell me that Regan brought me with a horse-drawn carriage he usually took. According to story from Regan, I keep sleeping all the while and didn’t seem to wake up whatever had happened.

Regan left me a message to go to Garret-sans place and send a word when I woke up so she ask me about what I’m going to do after this.

I finished eating lunch with Meru at the inn and inform Keyla-san that I will go to Garret-san’s place.

--[Good grief, that’s why a guy is....]-- Lula was looking at me with reproachful eyes as if telling that. It’s not what you think, or rather where did you learn such a thing? I want to complain to the person who taught you that by all means. I escape from Lula and headed to Garret-sans place.

I arrived at the mansion but it seems Garret-san was absent. As usual, whether the story has been through, I was guided to the same room as before and I waited for Tata-san to come. She seems to be in the middle of something so I have to wait for a while just as yesterday.

Unlike yesterday, I am in perfect condition and won’t suddenly sleep. I’m waiting while drinking a cup of tea that has been prepared. I can hear a running and rushing sound in the hallway that stopped in front of the room. And then the door was opened vigorously.

[Wazu-san!! Are you there!?] (Tata)

[ ......... ] (Wazu)

I was lost for words at Tata-san appearance. I mean.... she’s only wearing a bath towel....

Eeeh? Wait a little!!! Eeeh? What’s going on!?

The stimulation is too strong it makes my body shake. The tea spills over on my hand but somehow I managed to barely regain my sanity and not drop the cup. I covered my eyes with my free hand and shouts.

[Wait!! Tata-san!! Clothes!! Please put your clothes on first!!] (Wazu)

[Eh?............ Pl-Please excuse me!!] (Tata)

After that the door was also closed vigorously with a *batan* sound. I slowly opened my eyes and look at the surrounding. After confirming  that Tata-san wasn’t here, I put a cup on the table and breathed in relief.

It was dangerous.... my heart was still throbbing. What do you expect when seeing a girl you love in that appearance.... huh, a girl I love?

I see.... I love Tata-san huh. I don’t know since when did I have this feeling, but it’s not suprising because she is an attractive person. However, it has strangely lightened my heart when I conscious about this feeling.

Aaa~ I love her, just thinking about it make my heart overflow with happiness. I hope Tata-san also loves me....

I decided to be honest with my feeling. My heart was full of a pink color when watching Tata-san peeking from a door and slowly entering the room. This time she was wearing clothes properly, but still my heart was pounding  whenever I looked at her. I slowly lowered my head slightly when Tata-san approach me.

[Thanks for waiting. Also, please forgive me from before] (Tata)

[No-No problem....] (Wazu)

[You also saved me at that time, so thank you very much] (Tata)

[No, it was just a natural thing to do] (Wazu)

Ugh, my face is hot. Tata-san slowly raised her face and smiled. Damn, it’s too lovely. Everything seems to be different from before, I wonder if it’s because I’m aware of my feeling now. It feels like my hearts being grasped. I hope my heart will last for today....

[I was surprised yesterday. When I came in, I thought you was sleeping but your face seems to be in pain. Are you alright now?] (Tata)

[I’m fine. I have gone back as usual] (Wazu)

[I see.... then....] (Tata)

Oh? What is this? Somehow her warm aura has changed....

[Sit in Seiza please!] (Tata)

[Huh? Sei za?.... what is Seiza?] (Wazu)

[This is a posture where you kneel on your knees and and sit on your feet with your toes pointed to the back] (Tata)

[Umm.... why should I do such a way?] (Wazu)

[I heard from a customer, this is positon for preaching to people in the south kingdom. I thought we would do so] (Tata)

[Eh.... a preach?] (Wazu)

[This is a punishment for making me worry so far] (Tata)

I can’t talk back if she think that way. This is a fact that I made her worry all this time. I sat in the Seiza position while being preached at by Tata-san with a dark smile on her face.

The preaching hasn’t ended yet and I don't see an end. My feet have been getting numb since a while ago....

Hmm? an earthquake....? Just my imagination, I guess....

I can hear a loud noise from outside the room again. However Tata-san seemed too absorbed with her preaching and didn’t noticed it.

--[Watchout!]--, --[Don’t let it pass]--, and the likes were heard. I wondered what that was? And then, I can hear someone approaching the room.

The door opened vigorously. Wrapped himself in expensive looking clothing, a monster with a bulging stomach came into the room and floated an ugly smile when saw Tata-san. The thing that peeked my interest were the wings that grew from his back and black eyes with red pupils. Tata-san startled to see his face. Oioi it can’t be....


[Why!? Why are you here!!] (Tata)


I stand up and move in front of Tata-san in an instant.



After the monster in front of me finished chanting magic, a numbers of sharp-edged wind blades come towards me. I tried to avoid it but lost my balance because of my numbs legs. I recived the attack directly and was blown out of the place from a window.

I regained my balance in the air and lands to the ground. A breaking sound was heard from mansion. When I turn my eyes, the ugly man broke the ceiling and flew away with Tata-san.

I hurried back to the mansion. I can see a trace of intense battle at the reception room. There were also many poeple tied up at the center of room.

[Wazu!! What happened to Tata?] (Garret)

Garret-san armed with a spear come to approach me. Have you came back?

[She was cught by a strange monster] (Wazu)

[Tch, that fucking lord.... he really did it!! To think that he turned into a monster, where did he go?] (Garret)

I told Garret-san the direction that monster went. When I asked if he know something, the answer come quickly.

[There is a mansion of this damned Lord in that direction. It seems he's going back there] (Garret)

After listened the details of the mansion, I started running in an instant. I can hear Garret-san voice flies from behind.

[We will also head there right away!! We can’t take the guards lightly!! So Don’t be reckless okay!!] (Garret)

Well then, let’s beat him down quickly and save Tata-san.

+ + + + +

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