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Monday, November 7, 2016

Chapter 35 - I Have Been Updated

I dropped a single drop of my blood on the guild card and confirmed my status.


Name : Wazu
Race : Human (78%)

HP : How could I die, I wonder?
MP : It's zero!

STR : My blow break the stars
VIT : Can’t be cut even with the Divine Sword
INT : Magic can't be used
MND : Magic? I wonder if it’s hurt....
AGL : Probably faster than light.... surely not, right?
DEX : Equal or above the great artist in history..... I guess!

Skill :
Extreme Cannibalism (Unique)
Abnormal Conditions Almost Invalid (Unique)
Goddess's Jealousy (Unique)
Love Of The Earth Goddess (Unique)

Sponsored by Earth Goddess.

Somehow it has gone up..........!!!!!
And somehow the one that shouldn’t have, has gone down..........!!!!!

Fo-For now, let’s confirm the changes.

First of all, name and age but of course it didn’t change. My race.... the percentage has gone down slightly.... I am getting further away from a humanity...

No, stop it!! Don’t be negative!! It’s alright!! I mean, my race is still human!! Let’s make sure that it won’t decrease any further... but how can I do that.... it's too late to think about it now....

Yo-Yosh!! Let’s set that aside for now.... next!! next!!

MP is still zero but there is a change in HP status. I’m sure it was something like can withstand anything before, and now.... it can’t find a way for me to die!?.... Ho-How high is number that makes it ask that!!

STR status stay as it huh, I feel relieved for some reason....

VIT status.... hmm, Divine Sword!?.... a sword granted by god huh.... even god-made thing couldn’t cut me.... I’m invincible.... that’s not the point!! In other words there is nothing in the world that can hurt my body anymore, right? Are you kidding me!! Sigh....

Nothing change in INT status, that’s good....

There is a little change in MND status but the meaning is still the same.... that magic couldn’t hurt me.... well of course!! Even a Divine Swords couldn’t scratch me, what do you expecting with magic!?

AGL status.... hmm....
DEX status.... hmm....

Great, nothing changed!! I thought it was sufficiently high already!! Yeah, no problem!!

Well then finally the skills turn.... the two tops skill didn’t change but there is a problem in the reamaining two---

[Love Of The Earth Goddess (Unique)]
[Goddess's Jealousy (specific)]

The scary part is “Sympathy” has turned to “Jealousy”.... I kinda want to know but I also don’t want to know the reason.... ugh.... Okay I’m ready!! Status confirmation is important!! It’s important to know ones power!!

Love Of The Earth Goddess : Thank you for protecting the forest and the earth. Your efforts moved my heart. I raised a part of your status as a token of gratitude. I will supports you more than that Goddess. After that, if we are able to meet someday, please embrace me!

Goddess's Jealousy : Tch! Earth Goddess! What are you doing without permission? Wazu-san is alright, he has received multiplied blessing from me!! Please take it back!! Wazu-san!! Even if you meet the Earth Goddess, stay away from her, okay!! And then if someday we do meet.... that’s.... please embrace me tightly!

Don’t make a conversation here-------!!!!!!

Again, another message huh? Moreover, the contents is kinda intense this time. And finally it began to talk to me.... or rather, don’t argue here! Can you do it over there? What are you doing taunting each other on my guild card? Are they on bad terms? Please get along because you are gods.... also don’t put unnecessary information.... please write it properly!

In the end, I have received another blessing from a Goddess huh....

I have become stronger, that’s the only thing I could understand. My defense has considerably strengthened.... heck, what is the meaning of please embrace me when we meet!? Impossible, why has it suddenly become such a thing.... these Goddesses are unreasonable!

I wonder if they are planning to meet me.... impossible right, after all they are Goddess, that’s right.... it should be the case.... but there is a possibility they want to meet me by all means....

I wonder what, suddenly I feel a chill on my back. The feeling I want to make sure it never happens..... I somehow feel such a sense of crisis....

Noo!! Please don't let it happen!!

Just looking at the contents of my status card, it has been decided they will absolutely caused some problem later!! It must be so!!

Yo-Yosh, let’s forget it..... let’s forget everything written in my skills. I will only remember about my statuses. That sounds good!! Let’s do so!!

I let out a sigh involuntarily and started to struggle on the bed while thinking that.

Sigh.... what should I do!?.

Although Meru was silently watching as if asking what I was doing, I didn’t say anything and just went to sleep with a wry smile.

+ + + + +

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