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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chapter 34 - I Don’t Remember Because Of My Poor Physical Condition

A couple days has passed since the swamp poison incident. But on those few days.... no, even now my body was still feeling terribly heavy. I’m not that tired but I can’t move my body well. I can feel something is swirling inside my body, as if a foreign matter  is trying to mingle with my body and it’s still continues all the while now.

It’s followed with  deterioration of my physical condition. Especially the first day was the worst. I couldn’t move my body at all, I spent all day long sleeping. Though it’s a little better now and I can move my body somewhat.

At the time when my body had been completely paralyzed, I thought really hard about what’s going on with me.... I wonder if it’s because I drank the poison swamp....

Around noon, Mr. Scary Face come to the inn. It seems there would be a celebration at the mansion and they had been invited as the main guest to express their gratitude. Recalling Tata-san’s message, I’m heading there with Mr. Scary Face while still in such a condition right now

At the gate, I was greeted with a big applause from a people of the guard staffs. They are patting my shoulder with *bashi-bashi* in high spirit.

Stop it~!! I’m not in a good condition right now~!!

I could endured it with a smile somehow. I entered the mansion along with everyone from the guard staffs.

Inside the mansion, everyone also welcomed me with a big applause. The cat-eared woman who disliked me from that time also was there clapping reluctantly with everyone, I can tell it from her expression. I’m not happy to be applaused with such a face.

At the reception room, rather than a trace of broken things from that incident, there are a large table with numerous luxurious cuisines lined up instead. Garret-san approach me with open arms when he spotted me.

[Yo!! You have came, finally!! You really saved me back then, thank you very much!!] (Garret)

Ouch, it hurts!! Please stop hitting me!!

I taste the foods and exchange a chat while being guided by Garret-san. They are not doing business today for this celebration, Regan will also come here later.

[Thank you very much] and other words of gratitude were heard from everyone, there I suddenly muttered something....

[That reminds me, where is Tata-san....?] (Wazu)

I close my mouth with a hand in hurry after saying that. Everyone turned around and look at me with warm eyes while grinning. Ugh, it’s embarassing.... Garret-san who was nearby come to approach me---

[Oh that’s right. Of course you come to see her. My bad, My bad, I didn’t notice it] (Garret)

I was  told with a grinn. I want to hit him if I was in a good condition.... You just barely escape, Garret-san....

[She was still in the middle of preparation so it takes some time, but it’s about the time.... I guess?] (Garret)

He said so and the guided me to a room and then told me to wait there. Eh? What is this? It doesn’t mean I want to be with her alone though.... oh well. I relaxed my body while sitting down on the sofa. But this is good, I felt something was running wild inside my body since earlier, it’s hard just to stand.

[Guuh.... uu....] (Wazu)

My sweat doesn’t stop.

It’s hurts to breath.

I lost consciousness while I lied down on the sofa.

I opened my eyes weakly and saw Tata-san.... was there.... ah this is useless.... so sleepy....

Hmm.... what is this.... something sweet.... it smells good.... something soft wrapped my face.... it feels good.... ahh.... my body has become light somewhat....

I think this situation had happened before. I look around my surrounding, this is my usual room at the inn. Meru also was sleeping soundly next to me....

Hahaha! I did it again. I wonder how I came back here this time. Don’t tell me Mr. Scary Face brought me to the inn with a princess carry.... I can see Regan and Garret-san will harass me later, please don’t let it happen!! I hope they sent me here with a horse-drawn carriage or something!!

Come to think of it.... Tata-san was there before I lost consciuosness. I can’t remember what happen afterwards. I feel I had been forgetting something important but....

I completely have no memory about it!!

There is something important that I can’t remembered.... I feel a sense of loss in my heart, I think I have lost one of the important memories of my youth. Ugh.... this regretful feeling, maybe everything just my imagination.... yeah.... surely....

Speaking of which, I am back to normal. There is no fatigue or mingled feeling inside my body like the past few days. I can feel my body full of power... or rather, isn't this too much?

No No No.... it must be my imagination. I mean, I didn’t do anything special, my current strength is not something I trained myself, there is no reason for me to want to get stronger.

However.... there is something that comes to my mind. The light that appeared after I drank the poison swamp and then disappeared into my body. The deterioration of my physical condition.... a mingled sensation inside my body.... could it be that light was trying to intregate with my body.... and then it had been intregated so my physical conditions back to normal....

Yo-Yosh....!! Let’s confirm it. Because my physical condition was bad just until now, this feeling of getting stronger must be just an illusion. It’s just a feeling of my power coming back. Yeah that’s right!

I take out my guild card and dropped a single drop of my blood.

+ + + + +

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