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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chapter 33 - Poison Is Delicious

I told Regan and others that I might be able to deal with it somehow and went back to the poison swamp location. Although he asked me how, I gave a random excuse since I can’t tell him the method I would use. He didn’t think about it too deeply if with this they could avoid to burning the forest.

I told him to set up the barrier just in case I failed. Maybe, but think it will go well. I can see the barrier had been spread when I arrived at the poison swamp. A large hemisphere-like barrier covered the forest, I turned my attention to the poison swamp.

I don’t like it!
On second thought, I think I should stop here.
But then the forest will.... Yosh, I have made up my mind.

I stuffed my face to the poison swamp.

.....*gulp-gulp* .....puhaa!!

Delicious!! What the heck is this!!
This rich feeling, it’s 100% citrus juices taste. There is no bad aftertaste, it went down smoothly through my throat. Yeah I can do it. There is no abnormality on my body.... I wonder if I could drink it all.... I will work hard....

This is the method I had thought of . I am the only one who can do it. Utilizing the Extreme Cannibalism skill to drink a whole poison swamp. Although earlier I just wanted to test my skill, but the poison swamp tastes delicious indeed. I feel can drink no matter how much there is.

Gulp... I’m about to hit my limit.... but I can keep going.... however no matter how delicous its taste, poison is poison. But it doesn’t work on me because Abnormal State Nullification skill so I took this method. There won’t be any damage to the suurounding this way.

Gulp.... Gulp.... Gulp.... Gulp....

Gulp.... I still can do it!! Gulp....

Gulp.... Hoohoo.... it’s quite.... Gulp....

Gulp.... Ha Ha Ha Ha.... I’m not done yet....

Gulp.... I’m getting tired with the taste.... Gulp....




Ha Ha Ha, I did it.... I finally drank untill the last drop. The swamp portion can’t be seen anymore and the miasma is weakening. While rubbing my swelling stomach, I can feel a sense achievement and satisfication. I only need to tell Regan and others *ugh*... it should be all right now, it’s not necessary to burn the forest.

When I was feeling relieved, sunddenly a light was come out from the ground. It wraps around me before disappearing into particles. Although I took a defensive stance reflexively, there is no malicious intent to be felt. The warm light dissapeared as if melted into my body.

I remained at that position for a while, my stomach that had been swelling after drinking the poison swamp, was strangely back to a normal state.

[Oh! It feels refreshing] (Wazu)

The particles of light that rapidly moved while drifting on the air and disappear into me, I wonder what was that....

After that I went back to Regan’s place without a problem. Because the poison has been weakend, he is going to check the place along with some adventurers. I entrusted the after process to them. I was glad it’s ended without needing to burn the forest.

Including Regan, everyone asked me how it was done with a heated atmosphere. I told them it was insignificant and they won’t understand even if I explain it to them because I am the only one who could do it. I mean, I drank the poison swamp. Like hell I can say that!!

A few months later, a rookie adventurer who went to the forest for herb collection discovered a hot spring had sprung up at the place where the poison swamp was. At first nobody would dare to approach the place until the courageus Baldie pioneered it. Since then this place was frequently used by the Rinikku citizens. Borrowing the name of the person who saved this place, it was called “Wazu Hot Spring”. When Wazu visited the city again, he asked to change its name because is too embarrassing but the citizen never tried to change it.

Leaving the cleaning process to the adventurers, I, Regan, and Emma-san went back to the guild. Emma-san had returned to the receptionist desk while I and Regan relaxing our body in the guild master’s room.

[But this is.... recently, an incident occured one after another. Dragon at the mountain, Majin come towards the city, and the last a poison swamp appeared in the forest.... I wonder what on earth is this....] (Regan)

The Dragon incident was just a quarrel between a married couple though, I held back myself as not to say that. I recalling the Red Ball from before. Come to think of it, that ball looks exactly like the one I saw at the Elf village.... a guy who swallowed it turned into a monster.... that reminds me, I think that monster and Majin were similiar....

....Hmm? Wait a second. Could it be those Black Flame guys became a Majin because of that.... Regan had said before that there was no Magic Reservoir around the city. Also the beast-like thing I found at the swamp.... something like a red ball had come out after I defeated it.... The Red Ball caused all of this? If it’s true, what the hell is that. It’s getting complicated the more I think about it. I wonder if I should tell Regan about my speculation.... it would be embarrassing if the facts were different though. If only that Red Ball didn’t disappear before I could checked it..... *sigh*....

I get up from the sofa after I had enough rest. It was a good and confortable rest.

[Then, I will return to the inn now] (Wazu)

[Ou! Once again, thanks for the good work!! I haven’t prepare the rewards because this matter is an emergency request so come to get it later] (Regan)

[Understood. Well I excused myself] (Wazu)

I went back to the inn from the guild, but there along with Meru, I have to attend a continuation lecture about The Inn Road from Lula. Please give me a break. I’m tired, please let me rest already.

+ + + + +

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