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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Chapter 32 - I am In The Center

Regan showed a grim face while reading the report Emma-san brought.

[Poison swamp? Whats the meaning of this? Something like this never happened around here before] (Regan)

[This is also my first time to hear it. It’s a report from rookie adventurer who had gone to the forest for herbs collection request. At first, I thought it was a mistake but there are other people who also have said they discovered this poison swamp. To sumarize the report, roughly in 10 metres area around the swamp has been contaminated with poison. Further investigation has not been conducted. It’s difficult to approach the center area because of the strong poison. We are currently looking for a person who possesses high level poison resistant skill to investigate the center area] (Emma)

[That’s the extent we could manage at the moment huh....] (Regan)

[But that’s not the main issue, at present the area of the poison is widening and doesn’t seems to be slowing down. At this rate it will soon reach the city if we just left as is] (Emma)

[Tch, how troublesome....] (Regan)

Regan was left helpless and Emma-san wore a heavy air around her. Somehow the atmosphere is hard for me to speak, but....

[Umm....] (Wazu)

[Hmm? Ah sorry to make you see me is such a bad time] (Regan)

[No, it’s alright but....] (Wazu)

[What’s wrong?] (Regan)

[The swamp.... would you like me to look into it? Poison doesn’t work on me] (Wazu)

[ [Haaa....!?] ] (Regan & Emma)

Ah! The two of them showed an unbelieved faces.

[However, there is possibility this is a deadly pison....] (Emma)

[It doesn’t work on me....] (Wazu)

[It might be a paralysis poison] (Regan)

[It doesn’t work on me....] (Wazu)

[Then, what is work on you?] (Emma)

[Almost everything doesn’t work on me....] (Wazu)

[But you were drunk from Sake....] (Regan)

[Please forget that....] (Wazu)

We are fall into silence....

[Alright! Wazu!! Let’s go to the site] (Regan)

[Understood] (Wazu)

[Emma, if you find another person with a poison resistant skill bring them at once!! Also, prepare for the incineration!!] (Regan)

[Understood] (Emma)

[We are going!!] (Regan)

In an emergency situation time is precious.... I shouldn’t think too deeply.


Immediately, I went out of the city with Regan and headed towards the forest in question. The poison can be seen to be already spreading. Miasma enveloped the surrounding area. Sensed that, Regan drank a water that has been formulated as antidote for poison while complaining with --[its taste awful]--. By the way I’m completely fine hum-hum!

[You.... You are completely fine?] (Regan)

[I told you before. Well, I’m going a little to check the swamp] (Wazu)

[Yeah, Actually I’d like to go with you but it seems I can’t go any further. I will wait for the other guys that will come here later. I leave the rest to you] (Regan)

[I will do something about it  if it’s seeming possible] (Wazu)

I headed to the swamp just as is. The poison seems to have become more and more severe, but I push forward without a problem. I advanced to the center of swamp where the poison is strongest. Before long, I had arrived at the place.

[Uwaa! What the heck is that?] (Wazu)

There is something at the center of poison swamp. A quadruped creature with beast-like form. The body surface is covered with a purple muddy liquid that seems poisonous. I don’t know the origin of this creature in the slightest. The liquid from its hands and feet fall to the ground, it’s expanding and forms a poison swamp.

By the way I was completely calm.


It made such as small groans when it noticed me. The swamp is bubbling violently and some tentacles are growing from it.


When it bark something, the tentacles begin to attack me all at once. I observe it while avoiding the tentacles. I don’t want to touch it even that won’t harm me, it’s just the matter of the feeling. Observation is the only one I could think. I can’t use magic, I don’t have a weapon, there is no other way to fight except with a punch or a kick. But I’m still wondering whether I should kill it or not

Oh well, don't think about unnecessary thing.

I looking for the chance to launch an attack while avoiding the tentacles, or rather trying not to touch something like tentacle as much as possible. When the gap present, I pretend to step back but in an instant my fist come to approach it. The tentacles disappeared as if they melted and I immediately retreat from the spot in response.

[Uwaa! It's sticking to my hand!!] (Wazu)

I waved my hand with a buzz to get rid of purple liquid. The body was breaking down and got swallowed by the swamp, I watched this scene. After that, in its place a small red ball was left.

Before I could confirm it, the red ball cracks and disappears while scattering like particles. Hmm.... the red ball just now.... have I seen it somewhere before..... Setting that aside, the problem is the poison swamp did not disappeared. I didn’t know what was the red ball from before,  I went back to Regan’s place to give a report.

There were several guild staffs, Emma-san, and around ten people who seems are adventurers at Regan’s place.

[Yo! Thanks for the good work! How is the situation?] (Regan)

[I have eliminated the cause but.... the swamp remained while miasma hasn’s gone yet] (Wazu)

[I see....] (Regan)

Regan close his eyes while tapping his chin with his finger, seems in the middle of thinking something. Everyone in this place waiting for Regan instruction.

[It can’t be helped.... we will burn down the forest!!!] (Regan)

[There is only that way huh....] (Emma)

Eh? Burn it down? I was serprised at the words. When I heard the reason, they will be able to deal with a miasma somehow, but there seems to be no means to purify the swamp. Therefore, the only way is to cover that part of the forest with a barrier and they are going to use Fire Magic and the likes to burn down (purify) the swamp within the barrier.

However since this method involved a wide range area, there is going to be large damage to the forest and a vacant lot with nothing for a while.... hmm.... it’s unpleasant.... I wonder if there’s something I could do.... as long we get rid of the swamp..... wait, I might be able to do something.

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