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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chapter 31 - Does A-rank Adventurer Full Of Idiots?

I put down Tata-san slowly.

[Are you alright? Did you get hurt anywhere?] (Wazu)

[ ............ ] (Tata)

There is nothing wrong at a glance, but I asked just in case because there are also part that aren't visible from the clothes. But there is no response form Tata-san. Huh? Are you hurt somewhere? Eh? What should I do? While I worried about that, a voice of anger was heard from behind.

[Bastard!! How dare you to take my women away!! Return her quickly!! If not, you will get hurt!!]

Who’s your woman? Reluctantly I look back for a moment, this is the first time I saw them properly. Dressed in expensive-looking armor that typical for A-rank adventurer, a bald head and a rugged beard with muscular bodies. A vulgar smile floating on their faces.

[Garret-san! Also.... the guard person!? Are you alright?] (Wazu)

I called out to confirm their condition without minding the two idiots. They both raised their hands respectively to tell me that there was no problem. Thank god. The other staff rushed to them and began  first aid.

[Oh he is ignoring us!!]

The bald head and the rugged beard pull out their sword from their waists. *sigh*.... what’s wrong with them.... I wonder if every one of them are like this. I’d like to meet a decent and responsible high ranked adventurer just once. I could only sigh while looking at them.

[Bastard!! I think you want to die]

The bald head and rugged beard brandishing their sword at me. I received and sandwiched the sword between my index finger and middle finger, and then with *eii!* it's broken.

[ [Huh?] ]

While at it, I hit them a little using my fist with moderate power. The result was, only their armor shattered to pieces. The bald head and the rugged beard showed an astonished face, I laugh a little there.

[The likes of you aren’t welcome here] (Wazu)

I sent the two of them flying against the wall with a roundhouse kick. The feeling of broken bones was transmited through my foot. They  pass out with bubbles coming from their mouths. Yosh, no problem. They are still alive.

I look back at Tata-san who was still bewildered.

[I will take these guys to the soldiers, so I will excused myself for today. The talk was fun, see you later Tata-san] (Wazu)

I headed towards the outside while dragging these two people after bidding my farewell. Shouts of joy and words of gratitude resounded within the mansion. I left that place.


[Yesterday had really worn me out] (Wazu)

After handing the idiots to the soldier and explaining the circumtances, I went straight to the inn. Meru was playing with Lula, she dove onto my head the moment she saw me come back and immediately fell asleep as usual. Is my head a bed?

Lula also seemed satisfied playing with Meru, after that she went back to helping her mother. I want to say thank you but... I was worried whether Meru got preached with The Inn Road by Lula. I went to bed as soon I returned to my room.

On the next day I visited the guild masters room because I had been called again. The first thing I said to him was---

[Are you not tired with all of this?] (Wazu)

[Well, don’t be like that. I heard the story from Garret and he keep telling me to say his thanks to you] (Regan)

I sat down face-to-face with Regan as usual.

[Is Garret-san and other alright?] (Wazu)

[It’s alright. Even like that, he was a former adventurer so he has a decent sturdy body. He will return to his usual self today or tomorrow] (Regan)

[Is that so] (Wazu)

I was relieved. He seemed all right yesterday but I asked just in case.

[That’s right, Tata entrusted a message for you

--[Be sure to come again because I want to say my thanks for your help]--

she said. I am not your liaison, you hear that?] (Regan)

[Sorry for that] (Wazu)

Garret-san in unavailable, I think they are busy cleaning up the reception room right now. Maybe later....

[But, what were those guys from yesterday? I thought there were no other A-rank adventurer except Black Flame party in this city. Are they not from here?] (Wazu)

[Ah that’s.... they come as a support, you see....] (Regan)

[A support? For what?] (Wazu)

[....Fot the majin incident] (Regan)

[....But I have taken care of that] (Wazu)

[It can’t be helped!! I didn’t think it would end that fast!! I had already issued for emergency supports from the imperial city!! They had come here before I could cancel it!! Or rather, I didn’t think those guys would also cause trouble] (Regan)

I see, that’s make sense. It’s troublesome indeed. They have come all the way here but everything has already ended, because of that they started to make a ruckuss. How enviable with Meru who stayed at the inn....

I still want to continue my complaints but I think it will end early, because I hear a running sound that suddenly stopped in front of the room, I wonder why they are in such a hurry.

[Guild master!! It’s bad news!! A poison swamp has been discovered inside the forest!!] (Emma)

Opss, what a timing Emma-san!!!

+ + + + +

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