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Saturday, November 19, 2016

1.8 The Matter Forbidden Magic Book Is Too Dangerous

[Fuuh~ I’m drenched in sweat now. I want to take a bath if Lia has come out] (Toru)

I put the shield near the entrance, throw away my helmet, and sit down while regaining my breath.

[But.... I did it.... my level has gone up] (Toru)

I’m the only one from Japan who defeated a monster and leveled up. No, maybe I’m the only one on the earth.

When my level went up, my 【Strength】 stat also rose. I certainly wrote 10 on the note before but now it's 11. Let’s find out the effect with the grip strength meter after confirming Lia condition. I haven't seen it so it should be still inside some cardboard.

I wonder how much the change of  【Strength】 stat that increase by 1.

Perhaps she still changing clothes inside the dressing room. I called out to Lia from the living dining room.

[Lia, I’m home~! Are you still inside the bath?] (Toru)

[Ah welcome back~! A little more, just a little more please.... is that fine?] (Lia)

The echoing voice unique to the bath is heard. Terrible thing happened before, but Lia seems to like the bath so much. That's more convenient for me because I do not want her to see me use the grip strength meter.

[No problem~! Please take your time in the bath!] (Toru)

[Is that so? understood!] (Lia)

Good, let’s find the cardboard! I opened the corrugated cardboard boxes that hasn't been opened.

(Which is it? It wasn’t here, not this either, this is it! I finally found the grip strength meter)

[Yossha, let’s try it out! Hmmm.... how is it?] (Toru)

44 kilos! Are you serious!?

No matter how hard I tried, it has been only 40 kilos before. In other words, the rise of 1 point in 【Strength status, lead to an improvement of 4 kilos of grip strength in my dominant arm.

[Are you serious!? If my level rose up to 10, probably 【Strength】 status will also be 20. So, will my grip strength also rise to 80 kilos?] (Toru)

I heard you could squash an apple barehanded easily with an 80 kilo grip strength. This is one of man’s romance.

[Yosh~ I’m supposed to be able to squash an apple by raising my level without need to do muscle training (lol)] (Toru)

Besides, I don’t even have the limit of level that would be there for other people, I assumed.

[kukukuku~] (Toru)

[Toru-sama? What’s happen? You looks so happy] (Lia)

[Hmm!?] (Toru)

Opss. Lia seems to have come out of the bath. I hide the grip strength meter behind while laughing to divert her attention.... hmm?

[A clothes which Great Wiseman-sama lent are wonderful. It’s very comfortable. But I guess it’s weird when someone like me use it, isn’t it?] (Lia)

She wore that lame tracksuits from my high school’s time, but I wonder how it can look very elegant on her. I planning to hunt slimes again later, but I lost my interest when I look at her.

Her golden hair has been rolled up in a braid and with some hair that falls to the side shines brilliantly. No, her whole body shining brilliantly.

[Is it wierd....?] (Lia)

Because I didn't uttered any words, Lia showed a despondent look.

[No, not at all! It just your hair....] (Toru)

I wanted to say that you are beautiful, but I couldn’t say such a thing as expected.

[My hair?] (Lia)

[Yeah. Your hair style looks good] (Toru)

I decided to praise her hair style instead. I’m not good with this kind of situation.

[I-Is that true? I’m happy.... it was undone when I collapsed. Normally, I tied my hair this way so that wouldn't get in the way when I fighting] (Lia)

[Is that so. But would it take time to make it?] (Toru)

[Because I heard a rustle sound, I thought that I should not get in the way because Toru-sama was doing something with an artifacts, so I did this in the back] (Lia)

Did you see it? But it seems she didn't understand the meaning. That’s right, medieval people didn’t know about a grip strength meter, moreover it’s a cheap electric meter type instead of an analog type.

[Soap for hair that Toru-sama developed is really nice. My hair become smooth~] (Lia)

She rolled up untied part of her hair that hung on the side with a finger tips. Good! That’s excellent!!

[The fragrance is also very nice~] (Lia)

She brings the hair that wrapped around a fingertip to her face a little and make a gesture. I bought that shampoo at the 100 yen shop, but I want to be together with you! (TL : with shampoo?)

[By the way, will Toru-sama take a bath too?] (Lia)

[Oh, that’s right] (Toru)

She thought that I would like to take a bath too, she came our early because of that.

Well, that's not wrong.... and I will enter the bathtub with her, kukukuku! Not good, an evil thought come out because she said an unexpected thing.

[May I see the grimoire while waiting in the room I slept before? I like the feeling of the floor very much] (Lia)

Oh yeah, Tatami mats? That's a nice thing indeed. But what is this grimoire all about? I use the Japanese-style room to store my Otaku goods, there are only manga, Thin Book, and other objectionable stuff.

(TL : 薄い本 = Usui Hon = Thin Book. It seems to be R18+ Doujinshi)

[Aaaaaaaaaaaa!] (Toru)

[What’s the matter?] (Lia)

[Do you understand Living/Dinning room? Wait there please!] (Toru)

I ran to the Japanese-style room, gathered manga, Thin Book, and other stuffs, and then threw it away into the closet. I went back to where Lia was.

[Lia! This is a serious matter! Please listen carefully] (Toru)

[Se-Serious matter? Ye-Yess!] (Lia)

Her face tensed up but that’s fine.

[Among those things, there are very dangerous books to read by an amateurs! So to speak, that’s right it’s forbidden!] (Toru)

I didn't say a lie, Doujinshi is like a pirated version of originals, there is also a lot with dangerous contents inside for an unfamiliar person.

[Fo-Forbidden grimoire .... Wh-What I’ve done...] (Lia)

[It’s all right because you didn’t know it. But absolutely don’t touch it if I’m not around] (Toru)

[Ye-Yess!] (Lia)

[Also please dont touch other things too much] (Toru)

[U-Understood!] (Lia)

Thanks god. It’s for the sake of each others interest.

[Oh, just one question please!] (Lia)

[What's that?] (Toru)

I hope she won’t ask --[Why there is a picture of naked woman covered with strange liquid drawn on the cover?]-- or the likes. But it was standing against a bookshelf so only a scroop is seen. I think is safe.

[We have used a lot water for bathing but shouldn’t water really valuable inside a dungeon?] (Lia)

[That’s fine, because I draw it straight from an underground vein] (Toru)

That’s a lie. It’s from a dam, or something Tonegawa water system, I don’t understand the details but local governments do use groundwater, probably?

[I see, no wonder it was so clean] (Lia)

[Yeah, that’s right] (Toru)

[Pl-Please forgive my rudeness.... if it’s drinkable water, can I have one cup of water from the artifact that comes out like a rain?] (Lia)

[Huh?] (Toru)

I see. Drinking water is a very valuable item inside the dungeon indeed. She doesn’t have water from what I can see, she must be very thirsty. I’d like to hear about her level and status, I also want to gather information about the daily life inside the dungeon. In that case....

[I-I can’t.....?] (Lia)

[No, that’s fine. That’s a trivial matter. That’s right....] (Toru)

I made Lia sit down on the Tatami mats and ran towards the refrigerator.

[There are tea, cola, and milk. I will bring water as well] (Toru)

I bought it all from the discount store, Don Quijote. Lia was looking at me with a blank look. There was no tray so I went back and forth about twice to bring four kinds of beverages.

[What is this?] (Lia)

[Of course this is something to drink. You do know milk and water, don't you?] (Toru)

[Yes, I know] (Lia)

[This is black tea, do you understand?] (Toru)

[Yes, I know. This is a very luxury item] (Lia)

[That’s right. how about this? It’s cola] (Toru)

[I don’t know.... is this drinkable? Because the other things are drinkable so it must be the same] (Lia)

As usual,  a black bubble come out from it.

[Well just prove it yourself!] (Toru)

[Is this all right? This is such a valuable item] (Lia)

[It’s fine because I’m The Great Wiseman! Well then, since I’m going to take a bath, tell me your impression about the cola later] (Toru)

I brought a long T-shirt and slacks for changing and went to the bathroom. I thought of immersing myself inside the bathtub with Lia but my grandmother looked sad so I stopped.

[Since this is a chance, let’s make her pleased. I’m so hungry because I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Let’s have a meal together after this] (Toru)

Even so, it’s good that the forbidden books could be protected.

**Proofreader : Truffle**



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    Or rather, I think its/his/her character is stronger than our MC. But you have to wait a little more before he/she/it appear so looking forward!!^^

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