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1.5 The Matter You Have To Becareful Of Snake’s Mouth

For the time being I brought her to the bathroom to explain how to use it, of course she was still dressed.

[It’s wonderful. What on earth happened to the room inside the dungeon where Toru-san lives?] (Ria)

Well she was impressed with the Tatami mat before so I had expected this  kind of reaction. In awe Ria looked around the bathroom restlessly. I don’t even know what she was surprised with anymore.

[Well it's supposed to be a Mansion not a Dungeon though, but the sound is similiar] (Toru)

[Huh?] (Ria)

[Ah no, there is nothing. This is the bathtub and you enter there, understand?] (Toru)

[Yes!! There is something like this inside the mansion of the royal family or aristocrats] (Ria)

I see. It’s similiar with rich people’s bathroom in the world outside the dungeon.

[But is this alright? For me to use Wiseman-sama’s lavatory?] (Ria)

[Please don’t mind it. And this is a shower, do you know it?] (Toru)

Lavatory? It would be a bathroom in the old language. I mostly understood her words just like telepathy. Ria is showing a sorry face when I asked that.

[Ah don’t worry. It’s normal if you don’t know about it] (Toru)

[I-I’m sorry] (Ria)

Ria shrunk her body further with an apologetic face.

[No No No! It’s alright, there is no problem, really. This is an amazing Artifact made by me, The Great Wiseman. So it must be the first time for you to see something like this] (Toru)

[Is that so] (Ria)

[Also, there are no guests who have visited this place since I was living inside the dungeon] (Toru)

[I see. Set aside whether I know how to use it, this is indeed an amazing Artifact] (Ria)

Apparently Ria is a honest person. It seem she was not accustomed to using flattery. But I think it's better that way.

[Then I will teach you how to use it. If you twist this faucet the hot water will come out. Use it to wash your body. The water has been set to just the right temperature, it's really convenient right? It was separate from the bathtub to keep it clean] (Toru)

I showed Ria how the shower produced hot water.
There is no reaction from her, she was expressionless, or rather she was solidified.

I thought she would show a good reaction, hmm?
Let’s try splashing the hot water to her.
Suddenly her body make a big twitch.

[Uwah!] (Toru)

[It’s re-re-re-really hot water!! Ho-Ho-How on earth does this works?] (Ria)

Even if you asked me that, the water was heated using gas as fuel or something!?

[Let’s see, using fire magic and water magic?] (Toru)

[I never heard such things exist but it’s really amazing. Usually Wiseman-samas researching Artifacts to be used in battle or war. Oh, I want to try it at once....] (Ria)

Apparently Ria likes the bath. And I found out that a knight also can be this friendly.

[Wait Wait. Don’t be in such hurry. Do you understand?] (Toru)

[What is this? I've never seen this kind of slick material before] (Ria)

Slick material? Well, of course she didn’t know about plastic. Her eyes shine full of expectation.

[Fufufu, this is.... push here and soap will come out, use it to wash your body or hair. It will make your hair smooth] (Toru)

[Oh, is that true? Can I try it?] (Tia)

[Of course, push here lightly] (Toru)

[Wa-Wa-Wa this liquid is soap? It’s foaming and smells good. Is this a flowers fragrance?] (Ria)

I thought soap had existed since a long time ago. But todays soaps generated a lot foam and were put inside a plastic bottle with a push function. Moreover it was mixed with flowers fragrance. Ria is playing with the bubbles on her hands fascinatedly. It will be cruel if I make her waiting any longer.

[I will wait in the dinning room because I have taught you all the basics. Take off your armor and put it outside the frosted glass. I will bring you extra clothes to change later]  (Toru)

[Thank you very much!] (Ria)

There is also a washing machine and a toilet in front of the bathroom.

She had taken off her armor inside the bathroom. For now I will bring her a jersey and a T-shirt to change. But how about bra and panties....

Well unfortunately.... there will be a jersey above the T-shirt so I can’t see the curve of her breast directly. But under the T-shirt, there is nothing.... no, what I am thinking about, Grandma will cry.

[Riaa~! Are you still in the bath? I brought you some clothes, is it alright if I enter?] (Toru)

[Yeaah~! It’s alright] (Ria)

Apparently Ria seems to be able to enjoy the bath.
I put the clothes on the top of her armor.........

I just noticed it now.
This place is strangely fashionable, there is a Japanese-style room too.
This frosted glass also the real frosted glass, not a plastic-made fake.

In addition, it’s quite thin and less blurred.
At the very least, rather than a silhouette of Aria Eldoraks soaked in the baththub, I can see her washing her body in the shower.

I can see her excellent well-trained body proportions from the other side of the frosted glass.... just a little.  I’d like to see it just a little more until the last minute before I turn into the Dark Magician.

(TL : The Dark Magician here is just a figure of speech. What he was trying to say is, before he lost control and start to attack Ria)

[Th-Then I'll put the change of clothes over here] (Toru)

[Yeah. Thank you very much for everything ♪] (Ria)

Her voice sounds lively. Apparently she was able to have a good time over there.

I leave the bathroom reluctantly while imagining Grandma smiling at me.

[Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa---!!!] (Ria)

Whaat!? Just now, Ria’s scream was heard from inside the bathroom I just left!

[What’s wrong Ria?] (Toru)

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa---!!!] (Ria)

I tried to call out Ria who just screamed.
Could it be a Goblin appeared? Or maybe a Slime? Even though she is a knight, but without her armor and sword she is just a girl. Damn it! I thought my room was a safe zone! That’s right the pick axe! Good, it’s still hanging on my belt, I’m coming!

[Riaaaaaa!!] (Toru)

I opened the frosted glass door while shouting her name. Suddenly something transparent flew onto my face.

[It’s coooooooooooooold!!] (Toru)

The shower was running wild like a snake while spraying cold water inside the bathroom.

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa---!!!] (Ria)

Ria’s scream still continued

I found out the cause of situation while still being deprived from my sight. This is not a Goblin or a Slime but a shower. Ria was surprised because she set the amount of water from shower to the max and made the temperature control to the coldest. It’s just a guess thought. I turn off the water to stop the rampaging snake.

[Fwuh.... You see, when you want to increase the amount of water, please adjust it slowly. And then for water temperature....] (Toru)

I explain it while wiping my wet face with with my hands. My field of vision slowly recovered....


What’s come to my sight was Aria Eldoraks appearance on her birthday suit.

[It’s not what you think! That’s.... well.... this is! I just come to help you!!] (Toru)

I turn my body and try to explain the situation to Ria behind me.

But it’s too late now....

It wouldn’t be strange if she hit me....

I don’t mind getting beaten if it can make her feel better....

But my body that had been cooled by the water from the shower wrapped in a warm feeling instead.

[I was scared........] (Ria)

Eh? apparently I was hugged by Ria from behind.

I heard a small cry.

Perhaps the fear from that time resurfaced again.... I’m not familiar with this kind of thing so I don’t know how to confort her.

Inside the dungeon she never knew when the enemy was going to attack. She was still haunted by her fear of the near death experince inside the dungeon alone. It can’t be helped with this situation. She is trembling.

[Ria, are you alright?] (Toru)

[I’m sorry. Just a little more....] (Ria)

I can feel a gentle feeling form her.

It would be better if she can rest soundly inside my room.
That’s right, I will come to get her shield that has been left at the dungeon. Though I’m still afraid of the dungeon, but it’s alright. I’m sure I won’t meet a Gobllin or something.

+ + + + +

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