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Monday, October 31, 2016

Chapter 30 - As Usual, The Nuisance Appears

Severeal days later, I visited Garret-san’s place again as a promised. When I told Meru that I’d like to go, this time she just give a gesture as if saying “Don’t mind me!” and began to playing with Lula, *sigh*..... Because of that I left her at the inn.

I have arrived at the mansion. Although the guards kindly let me enter, there I felt a gaze directed at me. When I turned my line of sight, I saw one beast-woman from the cat tribe staring strongly at me. Realizing she's been found out, she disappear into the mansion. That’s? I wonder if she dislikes me coming here or something....

I gave my name to the receptionist and without further ado I was guided to the back room.

Inside the little dimly lit room I tried to look around at my surroundings. Blue walls and neatly arranged furniture. I could smell something sweet reaching my nose and there Tata-san came slowly from the direction I was looking at.

[Sorry to kept you waiting. I’m glad you have come just as promised] (Tata)

[N-No....] (Wazu)

We sat face-to-face inside the room. Ugh.... my heart isn’t ready yet.... the words don't come out well.... I looking down with a bright red face and then Tata-san begin to take off her clothes slowly.

[Wa-Wait, what are you doing?] (Wazu)

[Huh? This way we could knows each other better, right?] (Tata)

[Th-That’s wrong!! H-How about we starts with a conversation first] (Wazu)

[Yeah! I think so too] (Tata)

Huh? Looking at my reaction, I noticed Tata-san made a small giggle.

[You finally looking at me properly. Have you calmed down a little?] (Tata)

Apparently she played a trick on me in order to relieve my tension. Again, I turn my face from Tata-san while scratching my head.

[Well then, what should we talking about? Let’s see, first of all I was born and raised in this city. So, thank you very much for saving the city] (Tata)

[No, that’s.... I happy to hear that. I think it was a good thing to save the city] (Wazu)

From there on it become easy for me to have a conversation. I told her the story about me before I come to this city. But as expected I can’t tell her about Aria and Sarona-san, or the story about how I was living in
the Mountain.

The air turned a little dark when Tata-san told me about her own circumtance. The fact that she was working here because of her father’s debt. But she doesn't regret coming here because --[Everyone here is friendly]-- she said while smiling, I didn’t know what to say. But from what I can see, she wasn’t lying in order to gain my sympathy.

Inside this heavy atmosphere....

--[Okay! The story ends here]-- she said so while clapping her hands and smile. After that she taught me about specialties of this city, the famous landmarks, etc. Let’s take Meru there at a later time.

My nervousness hasn't completely disappear, but I think we had a fun conversation in its own way. But then, there was a ruckus from outside the room,  a voice such as ranting was also heard. Whether Tata-san noticed it, she went toward a door to check the situation outside.

[Just bring her already!! I heard there was a super beauty called Tata working here, right? I want her to keep us accompanied!! Just move your ass quickly!!]

[I said, we don't accept a guests that using force like you guys---]

[Shut up!! You want us to destroy this store? We are A-rank adventurer!!]


A sound such as something breaking was heard after the voice. Reacting to the sound, Tata-san hurried her steps with a pale face as if all the blood had been drained from it.

[Opss my bad. I didn’t think you are this weak. But this place... ah that’s right, how about we guards this place? As a compensation, we just need a woman to open her crotch for us every night!!]

[Oh that’s a good idea!! Let’s do so!! Hey bring the owner here quickly!! While at it, we will doing the management here!! Gyahahahaha!!]

I look at the door where Tata-san went out. I rise from my seat while letting out a sigh and heading towards the voice’s source following Tata-san. Good grief, were A-rank adventurers full of idiots....

[I am Garret the owner of this place. We don’t need an idiots like you guys here!! Get the hell out of here!!] (Garret)

[Haa? Appaently it will be faster if we are used force on him]

[Garret-san!!!] (Tata)

[Ouu... the beauty-chan appeared!! Well it has been decided!! Yosh come here, today you will accompanied us]

[Kyaa!! Let me go!!] (Tata)

[Stop it!! You guys!!] (Garret)

[Shut up uncle!! You stay out of this]


The sound as if something break was heard again. I have arrived at the reception room where the commotion was happening. Desks and chairs were scattered or had been broken. Garret-san and Mr. Scary Face were knocked off to the wall on the left and right respectively. At the center there was 2 adventurer-esque people, the culprit of this commotion. Here and there, I can see guests and guards surround them. The beast-woman from that time also here. I follow the people line of sight that staring at one point, there Tata-san was cught by these guys.

[Gyahahaha!! Certainly she is really beautiful!! Yosh, you are my woman from now]

[Hey, that’s unfair!! Let me join!!]

[I know it!! Well, I will be your partner first!!]

[I refuse!! Please let me go!!] (Tata)

Tata-san tried to break free from them, but it didn’t seem to possible for her to escape.


In an instant, the figure of Tata-san had disappeared from their eyes. I hold Tata-san in my arm with a princess carry.

[Good grief.... please don’t be reckkless, Tata-san] (Wazu)

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