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Chapter 29 - I Asked One More Time

I knew it, there was no reason for a beauty Tata-san to be interested in me. Such an ordinary guy like me is no match for her. She must be feeling sorry with me back then. She was not serious with her words at that time. Well if it’s not, when she said to come back again, there must be no deep meaning about it. So, don’t put any expectation. You aren’t suposed to have a dream. Because in the end you will get hurt, surely....

Ye-Yeah.... I will be alright, in this kind of situation I just need to apologize and leave. Don’t think unneccessary stuff. Even so, my heart is still restless. Even now, my cheeks are hot somewhat just to remember about Tata-san. There is something burning inside my heart.....

Tata-san, you are so beautiful~....

....Haa!! I can’t, I can’t, dangerous, dangerous. I can’t shake her out of my mind. Fwuuh.... I wiped the sweat that floats on my forehead. As I thought, meeting her would be dangerous.... however, I have caused trouble to Garret-san. If I don’t go to apologize even once, it would leave a bad taste on my mind ....*sigh*.... I have to be careful with Sake.

Yosh, let’s go!!

In the night, I walked to red-light distric with an uneasy feeling. I mean, this is just my second time, the last time I rode a horse-drawn carriage to go there so it can’t be helped if it feels awkward.

Meru was.... I don’t want to bring her along but she adamantly didn’t want to leave my head so I let her be. From time to time, the sexy voice of Onee-sans calling me out. I doubled my pace to flee from them while hiding my embarassment.

Ughh... as I thought, it’s better to go at tomorrow noon. However, I think that will disturb their rest, I mean they are working at the night but..... Yups impossible, let’s going back.

*sigh* It’s too late to return after going all the way here.

In front of the gate, a burly men dressed in black clothing was there. Their bulging muscle can be seen even from the top of their clothes. Thought as a suspicious guy that appeared and walking nonchalantly, they come talk in an intimidating voice.

[Boy, do you need something here? It’s not a place for someone like you can enter]

I see, it’s easy to understand. They are something like a guard huh. I need to respond carefully as not to attract an unnecessary attention. When I stay still on the spot wondering that, the men sent me a doubtful gaze. Oops!! At this rate we will end up with a situation where I injure them.

[Ah excuse me, I am Garret-sans acquaintance!? If it’s possible, can I meet with him? I think you just need to tell him that Wazu is here, but....] (Wazu)

[ [ [ Wazu!!!!! ] ] ]

The men were surprised at once to hear my name. Huh? What is this? What happened?

[No, there is nothing wrong. Sorry for suspecting you as a suspicious person.... Oi, go to tell Garret-san!]

When the most scary guy say so, the person who was in the back running towards mansion.

[Hmm.... oh, you know about me from Garret-san?] (Wazu)

[There is also that, it’s because you are the Hero who saved the city from Majin above all. I knew your name even though I didn’t know your face]

[Hmm... huh? You mean I have become famous?] (Wazu)

[That kind of thing. Now, it is a name that everyone in this city knows]

Uwaaa... it’s embarassing even though only my name is famous. But I’d like to apologize because my face is just like any ordinary guy you can find anywhere.

While waiting, I chatted with the guards led by Mr. Scary Face. As expected I have to decline with a wry smile when he wanted to taste my attack for himself. After that, a person who has been going to inform Garret-san come back. because I ask for someone to guide me, they suddenly begin a rock-paper-scissor tournament to decide it. Well, am I really famous for them to go to that extent? In the end, the winner is Mr. Scary Face, he raised his hands high. Congratulation!

And now, with Mr. Scary Face’s guidance I come to a room inside the mansion. I sat down on a sofa while waiting for Garret-san to arrive. It might not be a good manner but I can’t help to look around restlessly. Meru is sleeping beside me peacefully, this child is often asleep huh. The room is furnished with moderate furniture with mainly black color that built a calm atmosphere, hou~.... it made me relax somewhat. Finally Garret-san appeared.

[Yo, sorry to make you wait] (Garret)

[No problem, I didn’t wait that long. More importantly, I have caused you trouble yesterday so I came here to apologize] (Wazu)

[Eh? That’s it? You just come to apologize?] (Garret)

[Bughh!!!] (Wazu)

Th-This man, what is he saying suddenly?

[Eh? You really just came to apologize? And I thought you have come for a different matter? What a man you are?] (Garret)

[Uuu.......] (Wazu)

[There there, you just need to be honest with yourself! How about I call Tata right now? The other party is enthusiastic] (Garret)

Enthusiastic?.... *gulp* the beauty Tata-san does....

No I can’t, as I thought is impossible.

[Well.... that.... this is the first time after all.... you know... like a girlfriend.... or...] (Wazu)

[Do you have a girlfriend?] (Garret)


I fell down on the spot. There is none, but nothing wrong to have a little hope right? Aah my tears.... I wonder if I'm about to cry....

[Fufu.... then, how about I become your girlfriend? Or you dislike a woman who sold her body] (Tata)

Before I knew, Tata-san entered the room while looking at me. Di-Did she hear me~~~!!!!

[Hey it's bad manners to eavesdrop. This is a conversation between men] (Garret)

[I’m sorry. I just happened to hear my name when I pass by....] (Tata)

Tata-san put a mischievous smile while said so. She was a beauty, her smile was dazzling, I was slightly stunned. Immediately I averted my eyes, my self-confidence which was already in the red has gone further down because the fact that she has been listening to our conversation....

[So, I am no good?] (Tata)

Eeee!! She is serious? I wonder if I’m being teased? I don’t know. Hmm.... for now let’s answer it honestly with how I feels.

[Well.... is not you are no good, but....] (Wazu)

Uuu, calm done me....

[It just.... that sorts of thing.... is better if we know more of each other first] (Wazu)

[I see.... to know each other first, huh?] (Tata)

Huh? Turning my line of sight at Tata-san, I saw a friendly smile on her face.

[Because it was too suddenly, I will take my leave for today. Please come to see me again later so we can know each other more] (Tata)

[Ah, yes] (Wazu)

Somehow I can answer her naturally now. Is everything good? Tata-san went out the room after bowed graciously.

[Well, just tell the guard if want to come see Tata] (Garret)

Garret-san was looking while grinning throughout the exchange between Tata-san and me. I look at his face attentively but his smile didn’t crumble in the slightest.

I sigh once and put Meru atop my head. I went out the room while saying --[Please excuse me]--

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