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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Chapter 28 - For the first time....

I was fascinated by a woman who came down from the second floor. Blue hair as clear as the sea hat was down to her waist, slightly droopy dark-blue eyes that showed a tenderness. In addition, the graceful features that didn't impair her hair and eye color, not too slim nor too plump. This was the best body proportional. Although it was covered with a light blue dress which seems transparent, but her abundant chest seems to overflow the dress. Indeed, she gave off an adult elder sister aura....

[Owner, is this person the Hero who saved our city?]

[Well, different from his appearance but he is a monster inside] (Garret)

[It’s rude to put it that way, right?]

This Onee-san looked at me with a gentle smile. Somehow my face become hot. I looking down to averted my eyes from her.

[Oh dear]

[Gahhahha!! Ngungu...... Puha!! Apparently he can’t stands Tata’s sex appeal] (Regan)

[.....Tata?] (Wazu)

[That’s my name. I am Tata, pleasure to meet you] (Tata)

She introduced herself so
This Onee-san.... Tata-san gracefully bowed---

[And so, may I have the Hero-sama’s name?] (Tata)

Again, her gentle smile is coming towards me. Just to look at her makes my heart race, I introduced myself while avoiding eye contact.

[....Wazu~ ....My name is Wazu] (Wazu)

[Wazu-sama it is, what a lovely name] (Tata)

[Th-Thank you very much] (Wazu)

Somehow I manage to introduced myself properly. When I shifting my line of sight, Regan and Garret-san were grinning while drinking their Sake in great relish. I will hit them later. Feeling my blood thrist, the two of them twitches their bodies.

[By the way Tata, about what you just said earlier.... is that alright? I was going to leave this matter to other girls....] (Garret)

[I don’t mind, I wanted it myself. Also, why hesitate at this late hours, it’s not like this is my first time] (Tata)

[....Well, if you say so] (Garret)

Listening to the excange between Tata-san and Garret-san, somehow the air feels heavy. Occasionally Regan also spoke with a serious face. I can’t following the flow of events at all, somehow I have been left out alone....

For the time being I will wait until their talk ends.
Hmm.... let’s drink Sake since it has been served, it’s just right as I feel a little thirsty anyway.

By the way is there any meaning I’m here?

Gulp! Gulp!---
Ugh, so this is Sake---
Well, this is the first time I've drank it---
But no problem because I’m an adult already---

Gulp! Gulp!---
Whoa~ my throat burning

[....Wazu ....are ....you ....!?] (Regan)

Huh? What are you talking about? I can’t hear you? Ahaha what’s with your face Baldie, it’s funny---

What happen? Is there some monster appear? Yosh, I will kick their ass---

Just wait a moment Baldie---

Gulp! Gulp!---

[Ah.... it’s.... useles....] (Regan)

What is this.... what are you saying out of the blue, Baldie?  don't give me that worried look! Just stay still and it will finish in an instant....

[Gu~u.......... Zzz..........] (Wazu)

Where is it? Or rather, why was I lying down? Umm... hurts!!! My head is hurt!!! Wh-What is this? Is someone attacking me with magic or something? Uu....

Since a glass of water is visible inside my field of vision, I drink it up in one gulp because my throat was dry. Delish!! The water is delicous!!!

After drank the water, I look around to confirm this place.... Yup, this is my usual room at the inn. Meru was sleeping next to me.

Well, I wonder why I was sleeping here. I can’t remember anything. When I tried to recall what happened to me before, Keyla-san opens the door and came in.

[Oh you're awake, how are you feeling?] (Keyla)

[My head is hurt somewhat but is not a big deal, probably. By the way why I was sleeping here?] (Wazu)

[You don’t remember?] (Keyla)

[....Too bad, I completely have no idea] (Wazu)

[Do you remember going to Garret’s store?] (Keyla)

Garret!?..... Garret..... Aah!!

[Ah, certainly I went there. But I don’t remember coming back here] (Wazu)

[I just heard it from my husband, apparently you passed out after drinking liquor at Garret’s store so he brought you back] (Keyla)

Drunk? come to think of it I did drink something there.... that’s right, Garret-san brought out a liquor bottle and then.... Yup, I drank Sake there. That reminds me, in the description of my Abnormal State Nullification skill there was one exception. At that time only liquor that comes to my mind.... so it’s really that. I need to becareful not to drink anymore....

[Well, just ask my husband if you want to know the details] (keyla)

After confirming my condition, Keyla-san refilled the glass with water and went out the room. I drank the water and got off the bed. Because it smelled like liquor, I change my clothes and wiped my body.

After tidying up my clothes, I put the sleeping Meru on my head and headed towards the adventurer guild.

I met Regan at the adventurer guild and was listening about yesterday’s event. There is nothing important in particular because I just drank and immediately passed out, after that he brought me back to the inn. I have caused him trouble so I apologize and conveyed my gratitude.

I had finished my business. Just when I was about to leave the room, Regan said something that peeked my interest with a grinning face.

[That reminds me, Tata left a message for you] (Regan)

Tata? ....Ah that amazingly beautiful Onee-san.

[“I will wait for your next visit” she said. You should meet her properly later] (Regan)

With a red face I close the door in a hurry.

+ + + + +

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