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Friday, October 14, 2016

Chapter 27 - The Place You Brought Me Was....

A horse-drawn carriage has been prepared in front of the guild, I rode it with Regan and leave this place. The 300 gold coins also have been stored inside the Space-time Magic. While paying no attention to Regan’s story about how cute Lula is, I getly put down sleeping Meru on the carriage seat.

I wondered where Regan was about to take me so I checked the outside from a small window. Casino, theater, and tavern were scattered around, th-this is a red-light district for sure. It’s the first time I come to such a place. My heart is pounding faster, where is he going to take me?

After a while, the horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of a mansion. Surrounded by trees, a mansion is visible from a big and luxurious gate. This is a two-story building that even bigger and more luxurious that the gate. The road leading from the gate to the palace has also been properly maintained, I lost sense of reality for a moment. Huh? Could it be I’m going to meet an aristocrat. But I don’t know a thing about etiquette. How about my clothes? I just wore my usual clothes.... will it be alright....

[This isn’t a place as you thought] (Regan)

Regan is uttering a word of denial to me who broke into a cold sweat.

[Then what is this place?] (Wazu)

[This is the store where a man comes to embrace so called woman. In addition this is highest quality one in this city] (Regan)

[............Haa? You cheating? Don’t involve me] (Wazu)

[Wha~!! I’m not!! The owner of this place was my party member when I Was still adventuring!! He wants to show his gratitude because you saved the city!!] (Regan)

While I’m still upset at Regan’s word, the horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of a big door of the mansion.

I placed Meru atop my head and then we take off from the carriage. Regan was hitting the door continuesly.

[Oi! It’s me, Regan. I have brought him~!!] (Regan)

The door opened, a slender attractive middle-aged man with short brown grizzled hair came to receive us from the inside. He wore a black tuxedo excellently. After confirming Regan's and my presence with his long slit eye, he put on a meek smile.

[Yo~ Regan! You’ve come early!]

[Because you asked me, of course I can’t be late] (Regan)

[So, the man with a Dragon on his head is the rumored hero, he seems ordinary though?]

....What? He tried to intimidate me with a smile. In contrary to his appearance, I can feel a warrior’s aura within.

[Hey, stop it! Garret! Certainly he looks ordinary, but his strength is the real deal. It won’t leave a scratch even if we challenged him together] (Regan)

[....I see. He could receive my intimidation calmy. I can’t feel the bottom of his strenght, so I should belive he defeated Majin with a single blow. I’m Garret, the owner of this place, nice to meet you] (Garret)

[Ha~a, nice to meet you] (Wazu)

Then Garret-san opening the door wide and invited us to come in. Once inside, we passed a location such as a counter. He guided us to a reception room further in the back.

[There are no customer since it’s not time to open yet. This place should do, I will bring something to drink, plase wait a moment] (Garret)

Garret-san entering the room next to the reception room. There is a staircase heading to the second floor, a large number of doors can be seen from this place. The tables have been arranged in the center of the reception room which make a quiet atmosphere. I lost my composure and felt restless being in the adult space. Before I knew Regan had sat on a big sofa and chuckled while seeing my situation.

[What is this? Could it be it’s your first time coming to such a place?] (Regan)

[That’s...........] (Wazu)

I sat next to Regan with a sulky face. Meru on my head had woken up because I keep looking around restlessly. Seeming interested with the reception room, she flew around the room with a pitter-patter.

[Don’t tell me, you didn't have any experience?] (Regan)

[..................] (Wazu)

I averted my eyes at Regan’s question. I mean.... I’m not popular, Aria had betrayed me, when I confessed to Sarona-san, she turned me down.... Haaaa....

[I see.... well.... how should I put this.... someday you can do it!! Don’t worry!! Okay?] (Regan)

Please stop with the poor consolation. I feels like crying now.

[Hmm? What is this? Somehow the air is strange?] (Garret)

Garret-san appeared from the room with a Sake bottle. After he placed a glass in front of us he filled it with Sake.

(TL : I think there is no need to explain it but just in case you didn't know. Sake is Japanese liquor mainly made from rice. Ask google for more details)

[So, what are you talking about?] (Garret)

He said so while pouring Sake in his glass. Please don’t bring it up! I hide my face with both hands.

[Well, that’s.... this guy told me it’s the first time he's come to such a shop.... and.... he has no experience.... also....] (Regan)

[Hmm.... how old are you?] (Garret)

[....17 years old] (Wazu)

[15 years old is already an adult by law. There is no problem, okay it’s a service on me] (Garret)

[Eh?] (Wazu)

[Oh! It’s not bad, right?] (Regan)

[Haa?] (Wazu)

Wa-Wa-Wait a minute.... Huh? Here? Right now? Wh-What should I do.... my heart isn’t ready....

[That's an interesting story, shall I become your partner then?]

I was surprised to suddenly hear a woman’s voice. She was coming down the stairs from the second floor slowly.

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