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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chapter 26 - The End Of Black Flame

On Regan’s words, I recalled the three guys from Black Flame.... how was their face again? I only paid attention to their hair color so I couldn’t remember it. Well if Regan say so, it must be true.

[Their origin are A-rank Adventurers. To make it worse, currently there are no people that can match their raised power in this city. Our hands already too full just to hold the battle, but....] (Regan)

Regan was looking at my face.

[To be honest, I didn’t think you would come back this soon. Did you hear about the news and decided to abandon your mountain investigation request?] (Reagn)

[Don’t be silly, I had finished it properly. But when I came back, the city was already in this state] (Wazu)

[Haa?.... it takes a few days to travel form the city to the mountain.... are you serious?] (Regan)

[You did hear me. The evidence is the Dragon atop my head. By the way, there will be no danger in the mountain any more] (Wazu)

[....Absurd, I should quit applying common sense to your action.... your power is....] (Regan)

Oii, that’s sound like I don’t have common sense. How rude!

[Tell me the details later.... you hear?] (Regan)

[No problem. I wonder if Keyla-san and Lula are still in the city because I will be in their care again. I want to rest quickly] (Wazu)

Regan nods once at my dauntless smile. He judged me as a strong Adventurer.

[You lot!! Open the way!! We will end this quickly!!] (Regan)

The Adventurers look back at Regan’s angry voice, after confirming my appearance they are opening the way. This is should be the first time I saw Majin, but---

I'm feeling deja vu with their figure. I think, I have seen it somewhere before. They are nothing like a human anymore though. The red eyes, cracked face as if broken, swelled up limbs with nails that sharply increased and extended.

....That’s right. Their figure is similar with the guy I fought back in the Elf village, he had look better than those three though.

[Just to make sure. Are there really no means to turn them back?] (wazu)

[Well.... at least don’t make them suffer....] (Regan)

I can’t give any reply to Regan’s grievous expression.

[ [ [....Aaa ....Gaa ....] ] ]

They even seems to have no ego anymore. When the six red eyes noticed me blocking thier way, they swung their big claws at me together.

[ [ [Gaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!] ] ]

Just as Regan asked me. At the very last, I will end their suffering with my power. I finished the three of them in single blow....

“Farewell Black Flame!” I said so in a low voice.

(TL : >,< Ugh something get into my eyes. Why don't they just disappear quitely while leaving a memory about them doing that stupid combination attack)


A few days have passed since the Maijin uproar and the city was already regaining its usual vigor. Although I just wanted to rest quietly in the inn. Everyday, the adventurers who were in this place always talked about my fight with Majin in the day until night. About how I finished them with a single blow etc. Honestly it’s embarassing, I can’t eat in ease.

Meru was recognized as my Familiar. They were surprised at first, but soon enough Meru has been accepted by the poeple. Adventurers were spreading rumor about how I defeated Majin and saved the city, because of that people are regarding me as a Hero. I think this fact has playing a big part with how people have easily accepted Meru.

When I walking down the street, the children stop by and try to give sweets for Meru. Even the adults that own stalls also give me a little service. I have asked Keyla-san to prepare a meal for Meru in the inn. Although Lula had tried to feeding Meru, each time she refused and only want to eat from my hand. Please give up already beacuse I think it’s impossible.

I told Regan that I had chased away the Dragon in mountain, it’s because the fact that they probably wouldn’t be there anymore. Since Orthros also was there I told about this guy as well. And thus the investigation report completed and I received 30 gold coins Uhahaha. I keep a few gold coins for myself and stored the rest inside Meru's Space-time Magic.

I have nothing special to do so I spent my free time talking with Orlando, or unwillingly listening to professor Lula talking about The Inn Way, or playing with Meru etc. Ah there was also a call from Regan, again? What is it this time?

As usual Ema-san guided me to the guild master room. Upon entering the room, Regan was already waiting with a smile on his face. I won’t be happy to see a bald middle-aged-man smiling at me. By the way Meru was sleeping atop my head.

[Ou, you’ve come! Please sit down] (Regan)

[....Thanks] (Wazu)

We sit face-to-face as usual and then Regan placed a bag that make a *thud* sound because of its weight.

[What is this? Is this the reason that I was called for?] (Wazu)

[Yeah! Well, there was also another thing though. Just try to open the bag first] (Regan)

When I opened the bag to check its content, a large amount of gold had entered my field of vision. Uwaaa....

[It’s 300 gold coins in total. It’s all yours]  (Regan)

[....Huh?] (Wazu)

[It’s the reward for the Majin subjugation. 100 gold coins for each body. The compensation is high because they were former A-ranked Adventurer] (Regan)

[I see] (Wazu)

Regan is the only one who knows about those guys background. There are various mixed feeling in my heart right now, I can’t just accept it happily. But Regan pushed the gold coins while telling me not to worrying to much. I receive it and put the bag next to me.

[Even so it’s really strange.... there should be no Magic Reservoir around here.... I wonder if it just appeared recently?] (Regan)

[Even if you ask me.... I have never see such a thing before] (Wazu)

[I figured.... Well, I will put an investigation request at a later time in regards to that. And then---] (Regan)

Regan got closer to me with a good mood smile that I had never seen up to now. Stop that, you're creeping me out. I feel like hitting him unconsciously.

[Are you free now?] (Regan)

[....I don’t have any plans in particular] (Wazu)

[That's good, I will bring you to a good place right now] (Regan)

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