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Monday, October 10, 2016

Chapter 25 - Majin (Demon)

[Orlando!! Did something happen?] (Wazu)

I had returned to Rinikku city. Because I saw a familiar face, I asked about the situation to him. Since earlier there were many people that are going out of the city in a hurry, as if trying to run away from this place.

[Oh Wazu. On the other side of this place ------Dr-Dragon-----!!!!!] (Orlando)

[It’s all right. Well.... how should I put it....] (Wazu)

Crap!! I had completely forgoten. Orlando has already took a battle stance.... what to do now....

[Do-Don’t tell me the Dragon is.... a Familiar?] (Orlando)

A Familiar?
If I remember correctly, it was a contracted monster to help you in battle.... good, let’s use that as an excuse.

[We-Well.... something like that.... probably....] (Wazu)

[Kyuii!! *peshipeshi*] (Meru)

Meru is hitting my head with *peshipeshi*. Are you protesting? Stop, it can’t be helped you know.

[Haa.... to have a Dragon as a Familiar, you are amazing as expected. That’s right.... you better put something as proof of your Familiar, you don’t want to attract unnecessary commotion inside the city right? That said, it’s still bring commotion because it's a Dragon] (Orlando)

[Thank you. I will think about it when I have received my reward] (Wazu)

Orlando passed me a red band from a bag that was placed on the simple desk behind him, I accepted it. I try to put it on Meru’s neck just as is, but she shakes her head unwillingly. Eh, what do you want me to do? Although I don’t know whether my thought was transmitted to Meru. She got off from my head and abruptly drew a picture, such as the butterfly on the ground.... Oh you want me to make such form..... I get it.... Yes Yes I understand. Meru is a girl, she also wants to dress up beautifully. I tied the red band in the form of a butterfly on Meru’s neck while struggling. She flew back to my head after satisfied with the result.

[And then Orlando, I heard a lot commotion since a while ago, what on earth is going on?] (Wazu)

[Ah that’s right!! On the other side of this place there was a plain, and over there Majin had appeared!! Also there were three of them!! At the moment, a Adventurer group of B-rank or more had gone to subjugated it. I don’t know how long they will last so I am trying to evacuate the citizens right now....] (Orlando)

[....Majin?] (Wazu)

Orlando was surprised when I asked him what a Majin is. According to what I heard from Orlando, Majin is an ex-human which is said to be a minion of Evil God. This is a result of a human body making contact with a space called Magic Reservoir where monsters are born. While the status are greatly increase, you will be dominate by a destruction impulse and run out of control, currently there is no means to turn it back into a human. They had been made a target of subjugation right now. It seems Orlando could tell if a person had turned to Majin. As for myself, I can’t imagine what it looks like because I don't have the slightest idea about it.

I went across downtown and hurried to the plain where the adventurers fought with the Majin while thinking the information over in my mind. Abandoning this city is not an option. It’s not my hometown but some of my acquaintances are living in this city.


I thought the adventurers which were in charge of guarding the other city gate would stop me, but they let me pass by smoothly. Apparently they know me because of the mock battle the other day. I had arrived at the plain. In front of me the battle has been carried out by around 20 Adventurers. They are surrounding the three Majin together, because of that I can’t confirm the appearence of those Majin in question. From what I can see, rather than challenge it aggressively, they are devoting themselves to defensively fight in order to buy time for citizens to evacuate. I found Regan was issued commands at the place litte behind from Adventurers. I approached him to ask about the situation.

[Regan!! How is the situation] (Wazu)

[Oh Wazu. It’s great that you have come ----Dr-Dragon!!! On your head!!!] (Regan)

This again.... I came to ask about the current situation, just tell me already.

[We are barely holding out so far.... but the opponents are bad news, I don’t know when the ballance will collapse] (Regan)

[Huh? What do you mean?] (Wazu)

[Do you know about Majin?] (Regan)

[Ah a little while ago I heard the basic things from Orlando] (Wazu)

[That’s good enough. To put it simple, the person itself was already strong before turning into a Majin. Now it’s become even more troublesome because of the status rise] (Regan)

In other words because they were already strong since the beginning, right now they are getting stronger.

[They woke up yesterday and left the city. I thought they had returned to the countryside. But this morning, I heard from a peddler that Majin was heading to the city. I ran to the guild at once and gathered the B-rank or higher Adventurers to opposed The Majin as soon as possible, but....] (Ragen)

[Hmm? They?] (Wazu)

He turned his eyes to a direction where Majin and Adventurers fight with a bitter face.

[Those three Majin are the former of Black Flame bunch] (Regan)

[Haa??] (Wazu)

+ + + + +

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