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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Chapter 24 - Oh? Their Number Is Increasing

After throwing Ragnil, I come down from The Mountain in a hurry and aiming towards Meral’s place. To be frank, I don’t want to get involved with their problem any further and just want going home already. But there is a matter about the request, also I’m little worried about this couple. 

I ran quite seriously so I have arrived at the lake before noon. The trees in the vicinity were blown down, the ground was scooped out, and at the center there was a big vacant hole. As if something big had crashed in that place before..... hmm no problem. I nodded and went to the cave where the married couple should be.

I stood in front of the cave’s entrance and noticed something strange. I can feel four presences within the cave. Ragnil, Meral, Meru..... who is the other one? I wonder if it’s their acquaintance? Who cares. I entered the cave without thinking too deeply.

I almost shouting on the scene in front of my eyes. There was another White Dragon beside Meral thats was similar to her. Compared to Meral her scales were a little darkish, but there was a dignity overflowing from her that can’t be compared with anyone in this place. Speaking of which, Meral had said that she was waiting for her mother at this place. Maybe this is her mother. Meru is cradled by The White Dragon and seems to be sleeping. On the other hand, Ragnil in front of Meral and her mother was---

He was on all fours. He placed his head on the ground skillfully. I wonder why..... as the fellow man, I almost cried looking at him. I averted my eyes at the dinstance place. More importantly are you still alive Ragnil? that’s right it must be tears of happiness to see you in good health..... Yeah I’m sure..... probably..... Okay, I have confirmed his safety and the problem has been solved. Let’s go home quietly before they noticed me.

[Kyuii! Kyuii!] (Meru)

*woosh!! patatata---*

Meru which suddenly got up was flying towards my direction so I stopped my steps. How did you noticed me!? And then I turned my line of sight cautiously---

[Oh, are you Wazu? I heard about you from my daughter Meral..... well done for bringing this stupid husband of my daughter]

[He-Hello.....] (Wazu)

I say so while lowering my head and, Meru moved to the top of my head with *moshomosho* . Hey, I didn’t bowed for that! Ignooring my feeling Meru started to loosen her limbs atop my head. Has it become your exclusive resting place somehow?

[HaHaHa..... it seems Meru really likes you. I heard from my daughter and the silly person over there]

[Ah, yes.....] (Wazu)

What is it? I am being appraised.

[Fumu..... even I can’t tell the limit of his strength. It’s as my daughter said, I can leave Meru to him without worry]

[Wait!! What are you talking about mother-in-law!! I didn’t remember accepting it!!] (Ragnil)

[Shut up!! I don't remember allowed you to speak. Besides who said you can raise your head?]

His objection has been dismissed. With a perplexed face, he placed his head back on the ground. Hang in there Ragnil!! I’m sure you will be shining tomorrow!!

[Well then, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Megil, I am Meral’s mother and the former Dragon Queen, also I’m the dependable grandmother of Meru] (Megil)

[M-My name is Wazu] (Wazu)

Former Dragon Queen huh. No wonder she was so majestic.

[Wazu, actually I have a little favor to ask, will you help me?] (Megil)

[Well, depending on the content but.....] (Wazu)

[It’s a simple thing. Could you show the outside world to Meru? I want Meru to learn the world outside The Mountain. However, for a young dragon, I do not know if there will be any danger. But if it’s you---] (Megil)

[In other words, escorted Meru?] (Wazu)

[Nothing like that. I just want Meru to stay with you for a while and if there is danger I want you to protect her] (Megil)

[ ..... ] (Wazu)

Umm..... I don’t mind in particular. But I wonder if it’s all right to separated Meru from her parents

[Don’t worry about her parents. My daughter had approved of this matter so there is no problem] (Megil)

You didn’t need Ragnil approval?

[In addition, when it’s rare, Meru has mastered Space Magic. I think it will help you a lot] (Megil)

Wow, it’s means she can use The Item Box that people talking about. With this I can stored any items freely..... Although there is a bag with similiar function with this magic, on contrary with its high price, the amount of items you can strored inside is limited. But this is an infinite storage when it comes to the magic itself, also the time is stopped inside The Item Box. It seems there is no human that can use this type of magic. Certainly it’s will be a big help.....

[Is this really all right?] (Wazu)

[According to this couple, from your behavior, you are not a bad person. And above all else, it’s because Meru really likes you] (Megil)

[Understood..... I will protect Meru] (Wazu)

[That’s great. About this couple’s problem just leave it to me because I will keep monitoring this idiot. You can return to your home right now] (Megil)

Ragnil has a hopeless expression on his face. I’m sorry Ragnil, tomorrow, you won’t be shinning as well.....

[Well then I will excuse myself. Meru, you won’t see each other for a while, how about say a goodbye first?] (Wazu)

[Kyuii!! Kyuii!!] (Meru)

[Grandma will be waiting for you. Good luck Meru] (Megil)

[Good luck!!] (Meral)

[Kyuii!!!] (Meru)

Looking at Megil and Meral grasp their fist to cheer, Meru also clenches her small hand to imitate. While I was not looking, Ragnil continued crying with a *eguegu* sound without uttering any words. I went out of the cave immediately after placing Meru atop my head and leave. Good luck with your life Ragnil.....

Without encountered any problem, I have arrived to the location where I can see the city’s entrance. I continue to walk while feeding Meru a fruits that I found on the way here, but somehow this place is getting noisy.

+ + + + +

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    Understood..... I will protect Meru] (Wazu)

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