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Thursday, October 13, 2016

1.4 The Matter About Joke That's Affected Your Life

I will remember forever.... I will do anything.... For a beautiful woman to say such a thing to me..... I’m so happy and lucky.

[Come to think of it, I don’t know your name] (Toru)

 I uttered those words unconsciously.

[P-P-P-Please pardon me. I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Alia Eldrax] (Lia)

[Alia..... Eldrax-san huh? It’s a difficult name] (Toru)

[Then please feel free to call me Lia] (Lia)

Even if you tell me that.... it’s difficult for me to suddenly use a nickname, moreover the other party is such a beautiful girl.

Lia-san was able to raise the upper part of her body somehow, it seems it's possible for her to sit down right now.

[Haa~ Haa~.... Finally, the paralysis poison has disappeared a little] (Lia)

[Really? That’s great] (Toru)

[By the way could Great Wiseman-sam tell me your go sonmei?] (Lia)

[Go Son Mei? Oh did you mean my name?] (Toru)

I’m about to say Toru Suzuki, but I change my mind. I mean Suzuki name is really disproportionate with Alia Eldoraks name. To all Suzukis all around Japan please forgive me. I said so inside my mind.

[Toru... Yeah, my name is Toru] (Toru)

[Toru-sama is it, what a lovely name] (Lia)

I don’t want a woman to call me by my full name. No, it’s a lie, I don't mind if she call me using my full name. Once again I apologize to all Suzukis all around Japan.

[Although Toru-sama is a young Great Wiseman, you had develoved so many artifacts] (Lia)

[Eh? Arti---what?] (Toru)

Oh, I don’t know if it’s really exist in the real world, but artifacts is something that often appears inside the game or light novel. Something like a magic item that a magician made.

From her perspective, she must be thinking that all the unfamiliar objects inside this room are artifacts, although the truth is far different.

That being said, my age is too young for a Wiseman. Before the blank look of an angelic face, I have to do something while not make her suspicious or afraid of me.

[Well, you see.... because of the old emperor passed his throne.... so.... I....] (Toru)

[Court?] (Lia)

[Ah that’s right. I had become a Court Magician at the age of six] (Toru)

(TL : What Toru said is 旧帝 = kyū tei = Old Emperor but Lia heard is as 宮廷 = kyūtei= Court)

Well, I actually did enter an old former imperial university before, but I dropped out after 2 years. I'm still living in Tokyo even now.

[I dropped out.... I mean, I already retired. I immersed myself with magic as a hobby now] (Toru)

[Is that so?] (Lia)

[Because of that I am still 21 years old] (Toru)

[I see, our age is only differ 3 years] (Lia)

Hmm? Lia-san is 24 years old?

Not that. I thought she was older because of her beautiful and elegant aura but on her smile there was cuteness and childness. If she is not 24 years old, then....

[Could it be Lia-san is still 18 years old?] (Toru)

[Yes!] (Lia)

Ho~Ho 18 years old.... that’s great. I am glad for risking my life to save her. Speaking of which---

[Is your body all right now?] (Toru)

[Yes. The paralysis poison will disappear little by little after some time] (Lia)

I see. The paralysis poisoning will heal over the time. It’s an important piece of information because my home is connected to a dungeon. I will remember it! Let’s collect more information out of Lia-san.

[It’s not funny if I am get attacked by a monster under such condition. Though I was conscious, I couldn't move my body.... I was really really scared at that time....] (Lia)

Her body is trembling. Well, it’s scary indeed. She even peed herself because of that. That’s right, because she could move, I will let her to take a bath.

[Wait a moment I will prepare hot water for a bath] (Toru)

[Eh? Bath? Inside a dungeon? Such a thing is....] (Lia)

[Don’t mind, just wait here!] (Toru)

It never crossed on my mind, to think there will be a girl take a bath inside my home just after I moved out. Thank you very much dungeon.

[Fumu-Fumu. I can reheat the water though is not an automatic type appliance. Now the hot water is ready....] (Toru)

I return to the Japanese-style room. Lia-san might have been able to walk because the paralysis poison had worn out by now.

[Eeee!? Why are you kneeling on the floor!?] (Toru)

Lia-san had prostrated herself when I returned to the Japanese-style room. Moreover she did it to the fullest despite her numb body. Why do you push yourself to stay in that position!?

[P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-Pleeeaaassseee pardon me. I just noticed when you talked about the bath..... what a shameful act I had done....] (Lia)

It seems she just noticed that she had peed herself.

[Well.... it can’t be helped since you couldn’t go to the toilet because of the paralysis poison, right? In addition I startled you when I tried to help] (Toru)

She raises her deep red face but then suddenly groped around the area around my waist.

[It’s w-wet] (Lia)

I was surprised, but that explained her sudden behavior was to confirm whether my clothes are wet.

[Oh, it was because I carried Lia-san with piggyback] (Toru)

[I had soaked Great Wiseman-sama's clothes with.... with.... such a thing....] (Lia)

[Well, it’s okay. There are such times] (Toru)

[THERE ISN'T!] (Lia)

Figures..... I probably would shout out as well if somebody told me the same thing. She accepted the fact that she was peeing on The Great Wiseman, crumbled on the spot and broke into tears.

[Please forgive me for shouting....] (Lia)

[I don’t mind] (Toru)

[Even if you forgive me for soiled your clothes.... I can’t be a bride anymore] (Lia)

Aah.... so that’s a reason for your shouting and crying. Is that some kind of rule in the knighthood?

[It’s okay.... I will take the responsibility] (Toru)

[Eh?] (Lia)

Geeeeeeeh, what the heck I just spouting. Th-Th-That’s right I just trying to cheer her up because she was feeling down, there is no ulterior motive whatsoever.

Argh, she is gonna hate me now. It’s bad, just like the matter about dark magic her fear has resurrected. In fact, right now she is showing a blank look on her face that more intense than before.

[Wh-Wh-What are you talking about? Great Wiseman-sama!!] (Lia)

She averted her eyes with a red face. Not good, I might have angered her completely.

[Th-That’s right.... it was just.... a joke] (Toru)

She suddenly turned her eyes at me. Her beautiful face was showing the ferocity of the carnivores. Is this the true nature of the female knight?

[It was a joke?] (Lia)

[Sorry, I know there are a bad jokes and a good jokes to say] (Toru)

She laughed it off but somehow, I felt intimidated.

[That’s right, a man sometimes lack of consideration with his words] (Lia)

[Hmm? Ah that’s righ.....] (Toru)

For the time being let’s laugh together with Lia-san. I’m not really catch-up with the situation but I will just imitating her. She turn her red face to the other way again.

[I will take a bath. Where is the place?] (Lia)

[Ah wait a moment, there are various things I want to teach you before that] (Toru)

I pull her hand when she was about to leave. Even when she avoiding an eye contact, she isn't resisting when I pull her hand.

[Oh, thank you very much....] (Lia)

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