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Friday, October 7, 2016

1.3 The Matter I Was Mistaken As The Great Wiseman

[Guo~oh! Haa~! Haa~!] (Toru)

Somehow I managed to carry the female knight to my apartment. I locked the door behind my back. Although I want to place the door’s U-shaped lock, it's unreasonable if I do not put down the female knight first. There are two kinds of living rooms in this 2LDK apartment, Western-style room and Japanese-style room.

[The problem is where should I take her.....] (Toru)

I put my Otaku goods in the Japanese-style room, there was also a window that connected to Japan over there. Yeah, it should do with the Western-style room. A modular bed and mattresses are also available there.

[I don’t want to use the Japanese-style room because I had unpacked my Otaku goods there, but it’s impossible to assemble the bed now. I have no choice except to put the female knight on the Tatami mats inside the Japanese-style room.....] (Toru)

Thus I put the female knight to sleep on the Tatami mats.

[I'm tired from all the tension and this physical labor.....] (Toru)

I pressed my ear against the front door. After confirming that I don't hear any sounds, I place the U-shaped lock. What to do now.....

[Let’s go back to Japanes-style room] (Toru)

Unexpectedly, the female knight had gone like smoke from the Japanese-style room so it must be all a dream.

Of course it didn’t happen.....

How could she have left in a unconscious state. I thought whether I should call an ambulance, but I don’t know how to explain this situation.

There is also the possibility that the ambulance crews would got involved with this dungeon business. Her condition did not seem to have deteriorated. Based on up-and-down of her breast movement..... she was breathing normally.

[Although I want to remove her armor and wet clothes, it would become a sexual harassment. At any rate.....] (Toru)

She is beautiful, moreover there is a grace. She looks like a well-equipped doll. I wonder what’s the color of her eyes.

[The fatigue from the extreme tension and physical labor make me also want to sleep.....] (Toru)

I became sleepy when I looked at a sleeping female knight on the Tatami mats.

If she isn’t here, I will be sleeping right now. I can’t bring myself to sleep wit her. Don’t get the wrong idea..... okay!!


[Great Wiseman-sama! Great Wiseman-sama!]

Sounds like a harp can be heard from the distance. What does a harp sound like? Don’t ask me that. Anyway, it's a beautiful and gentle sound. I’d like to hear it more.


[Uhii~!] (Toru)

The sound of the harp suddenly become loud.

[Ah, are you awake?]

It seems I was sleeping and had a strange dream. Something like, I go to a dungeon, found a female knight, brought her home.....

I rubbed my eyes while trying to ensuring my vision. Yes it’s the Japanese-style room in my new apartmen. Maybe I fell asleep after unpacking and putting my manga and figurines on the shelves.

Even so, did I have such a great pillow like this? It’s soft and warm. It’s very comfortable. Though it’s a little smells like pee, but it’s very very comfortable.....

[Aah!!! It’s not a pillow but the female knight’s thighs!] (Toru)

I jump up and saw the female knight had woken up.

It seem I got too relaxed and fell asleep when watching her sleeping on the Tatami mats. Moreover, on the top of her exposed thighs at that.

The female knight’s armor design is not something being used at present. It was made while prioritizing the mobility, so the thighs parts aren't covered with anything.
[So-So-Sorry. It’s just..... I overslept] (Toru)

[Ah no, it’s my fault. I should apologize for disturbing your sleep, please forgive my rudeness]

Apparently she doesn’t seem to be angry but there is some strange misunderstanding somehow.....

[It's because you slept over me..... while I think there is no excuse, please allow me to apologize for called you out when you was sleeping. In such a good and comfortable place, it can’t be helped if Great Wiseman-sama become sleepy]

Yeah, she definitely misunderstanding something. What’s with this Great Wiseman thing?

Also, was it her thighs or the Tatami mats that she referred as good and comfortable place to sleep?

[No, I’m not a Great Wiseman but it’s much better than a goblin] (Toru)

[I am sorry. Because I couldn’t see Great Wiseman-sama’s face also because you spoke with monster language. With all due respect..... but I thought you were a Goblin]

[Eh? Monster language?] (Toru)

[Yeah even now, you are speaking with monster language]

I see, in other words..... according to the female knight, the Japanese language is recognize as a monster language for people from her world. I was no longer mistaken as a goblin, but now I was mistaken as a Great Wiseman instead.

[How could you tell I am The Great Wiseman?] (Toru)

[You aren’t? It’s because you have created such a mysterious dwelling in the depth of the dungeon, I was sure you are The Great Wiseman-sama that lives in seclusion]

I see. She has such an interpretation.

From her armor and shield, the dungeon side’s world has a level of science and technology similar to the medieval era. She will be using a bulletproof vest of Kevlar fiber if it's modern era.

So when she saw at the room full of conveniences from Japan’s civilization, no wonder she thought me as The Great Wiseman.

[The floor has a moderate hardness so I can sleep anywhere. It’s really wonderful..... it smells good..... a~ah..... I want to sleep forever]

The female knight seems to love Tatami mats among all of things. Well, I also like the smell of a new Tatami mats.

[There are also a lot of those elaborate dolls. There is person who wields a sword. It must be some kind of magic item..... right, Great Wiseman-sama?]

[Well, because I am The Great Wiseman! Yeah I'm The Great Wiseman! Indeed, that’s magic items and not some suspicius items! Ha Ha Ha!] (Toru)

[Th-That’s right. I was a little worried, I thought they are humans that turned into a doll because of some dark magic. It’s just that..... there are some dolls..... which are half-naked.....]

[No way! That’s impossible! Because I am a man of justice] (Toru)

To my lie the female knight smiled with a beaming smile.

[That’s right. You also saved my life and brought me here. Thank you very much]

Da-Dangerous. That smile is.....

I never had decent conversation since dropped out from university. The female knight that smiling is shining like an angel descended from the heaven.

However she's still lying on the Tatami mats and hardly moved her body. Because of what happened earlier, right now I was standing and overlooking her from above.

[By the way why are you still sleeping?] (Toru)

[It’s because I had received a powerful paralysis poison in the dungeon..... but I will be able to move soon, probably]

I see. I never expected such a thing happened.

[If you didn’t help, I would be dead by now. Great Wiseman is benefactor of my life. I will do anything to return your favor]

[Eh? You will do anything?] (Toru)

I wonder if I could do the "thing" that goblin would do to her. NO! What are you thinking Toru! Grandma will be sad!

[Yes!! Even like this, I am a knight!]

Well, I can tell from your appearance. She puffed out her chest proudly, while in sleep position of course.
[I will remember your kindness forever]
Will remember .....forever..... hmm?

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