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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chapter 22 - The White Dragon (Wife) Has Been Hurt

I’m heading towards the mountain’s summit by walking. On my head Meru was enjoying herself, laze around while loosening her limbs. Well it doesn't matter since since I don't particularly feel any weight, but how about giving me some guidance? That said, right now I was standing in front of a cave near the mountain’s summit. I felt a huge presence from inside, however there was only one.

Huh? Just one..... Well, I will know upon entering the cave.

There were no traps, before long I come to the innermost cave where The White Dragon was lying. It’s Meral, A huge body around 8m in length that looks strong and supple. The scales on her body surface shine suspiciously white. Combined with her golden eyes, it's no exaggeration to call her the most beautiful Dragon in the world.

Meral smiles with relief but when noticing that someone was with Meru she stood and raised her vigilance. After realized who I was she is back lowered her guard down.

[You are that boy.....] (Meral)

[Long time no see, Meral] (Wazu)

[Oh you could talk. I was worried you couldn’t because you never uttered a word before] (Meral)

[Sorry, there were a lot circumtances at that time.....] (Wazu)

[Is that so. I won’t pry any deeper, once again may I know you name?] (Meral)

[Ah my name is Wazu, sorry for everything back then] (Wazu)

I said so and lowered my head a little as not to dropped Meru. After raised my head I begun to explain the situation.

[I met Meru a short while ago near the lake when she was being attacked by Orthros. I don’t know about the details because I don't understand what she is saying] (Wazu)

[Thank you very much also sorry for the inconvenience. My daughter Meru, can you tell me what happened?] (Meral)

[Kyuii! KyuiKyuiKyui!! Kyuiiiii!!] (Meru)

[..... I see. Probably while finding unmanageable leisure of running after a bird, she seem to have strayed into the forest and steps on a snake tail of Orthros. I'm very thankful to Wazu for saving my daughter] (Meral)

[..... You have an energetic daughter there. I just happened to be there so don’t mind it but please becareful for the next time] (Wazu)

I lightly stroking Meru’s head.

[I will pay more attention to Meru from now on. By the way, why is Wazu in this place?] (Meral)

[Ah you see, apparently some people saw you guys. I came here to investigate whether there was a danger. So I’d like to ask what are you doing here? Your home in the Center Mountain, isn't? Also I didn’t see Ragnil anywhere?] (Wazu)

(TL : Wazu called it “Center Mountain” Because the mountain where he was live before was located in the center of continent. There is no specific name so far)

[..... That man---] (Meral)

Hmm? Her look become severe for some reason..... had Ragnil done something?

[When I was giving Meru a ride on my back and strolling through the air---] (Meral)


[He was having an affair with a young daughter of a Red Dragon] (Meral)

[..... Hah?] (Wazu)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!??? What are you doing? That guy! Even though he had such a beautiful wife!! What the heck was he thinking??

[So I came back to my family home together with Meru] (Meral)

[..... Home? ..... Did you mean this place?] (Wazu)

[Ah, nobody lives here. To be exact it was the place where I spent my childhood. I have contacted my mother and I am waiting here] (Meral)

Haa..... really, what are you doing? This couple.... I wonder if it’s really the best option to be separated. I think it's  better to reconcile and go back to live together in the Center Mountain......

[..... Ermm I know it’s not my business, but why don’t you reconcile?] (Wazu)

[Not happening. Unless he comes to apologize to me] (Meral)

I figured~ Well, Ragnil was in the wrong here. Huh? Is that all..... it can be solved if Ragnil comes to apologize? After I heard it I couldn't just stay still. Even though it’s safe right now if everything's just left as it, maybe some Knighs will be sent to subjugate her. I have to make a move as quickly as possible.....

Haa..... can’t be helped..... it’s troublesome though.....

[I will talk to Ragnil so please don’t make any commotion because it won't be good. If possible, I will bring him here to apologize] (Wazu)

[We~Well..... I have no right to stop you, so you may do as you like. It’s absolutely not because I want to meet Ragnil] (Meral)

If it's so, don't blatantly show me such joyful face. Her face turned red while her body fidgeting..... she was easy to read.

I gently put Meru down from my head. I mean, she was sleeping all this time. Is my head really that comfortable? I gently stroked Meru and turned my attention towards Meral, she was busy polished her scales cheerfully. She really can’t hide her feeling, this wife. I didn’t promised to absolutely bring Ragnil here, so please don’t expect so much.

[Well then I’m off] (wazu)

[ ..... ] (Meral)

Hey it’s good to take care your appearance but at least give me a reply. I left the cave and headed to Central Mountain while spiting a sigh.

+ + + + +

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