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Saturday, September 24, 2016

1.2 The Matter I Have Brought Home

The organic object that is lying under the shadow of the big pillar, rather than a goblin, there is no doubt it's a female knight. I determined that she is a female knight instead of a female warrior, because I can feel somewhat elegance air about her even from a distance.

The good-looking female knight who appears in a story of some hero summoning. The possibility is probable at least. My chest beating with exhilaration mixed feeling, not a tension caused by fear like before.

But can it be said that there won't be any goblin around?

Speaking of the suspicious place, maybe it's just an act? Perhaps that female knight is just a bait? Everything seems to be in doubtful situation, but.....

[It's bad for people to sleep in such cold stone floor. So if she is really a human, I need to help her immediately] (Toru)

You have to help people in need, said my kind-hearted grandma. Moreover it's a girl..... she may be dying if I just leave her alone.

[Let’s muster my courage. Even though I'm just a Villager-A character, I can do this much at least!] (Toru)

(TL : Villager A = Unimportant character that isn't worth to be concerned of)

I put more power to the pickaxe in my hand while saying so. I advancing cautiously as not to miss any sound whatsoever. Occasionally, I randomly hit the floor with my pickaxe before advancing another one step forward.

I walking close the the pillar while checking my surrounding to make sure no goblins appears from a blind spot. Although the female knight doesn’t move at all, I could heard a faint sob from her..... or so I thought.

I heard a *gulp* sound and noticed she just swallowed her saliva for some reason. What does it mean? Why is she crying while lying down on the stone floor? I pointed the headlight at her few times. I'm thinking of illuminating her face next.

Is she a bait for a trap? Is there any danger around? All of the exhilaration from a short while ago had vanished and extreme tension engulfed me. However, if it's a life-threatening condition, she will be in imminent danger if I don't hurry.

I finally take one step forward to the shadow of pillar. From time to time I illuminated the wall, ceiling, and floor with my headlight. I advanced carefully while checking all sorts of thing. Of course I'm really concerned with her, but it can't be helped.

It’s 100 times more tense compared to the time I entered that shady real estate agent’s office.

I'm getting pretty close to the female knight. There is no doubt she is a human and not a goblin. There is still a very low possibility that it's just a disguise, though.

The face which can be called very beautiful, now can be seen. But her sobbing sound is clearly getting louder than before.

[Hiks... Hiks...!!]

Why are you crying? Moreover she still didn’t look at my direction. The headlight began to illuminate a large room to every nook and corner. This taught me that there was nobody in this place except me and the female knight.

But a few steps beyond the female knight, at the end of the room, there is a stone wall with something such as door which seems as strong as my iron door. There is also a stone button-like switch at the door.

Maybe it’s really a trap? Maybe a large amount of goblins will come out from that door?

Carefully and slowly. It was the most nerve-wracking action in my whole life. Will it be immediately dead end? I picked up a small stone and tried to throw it at the female knight without make any sound. It's surprising for it to hit the armor on the first attempt

[Hii... Hii... Stop it!]

Oh? Japanese? No, it's different. It wasn't Japanese. It was a mysterious word which also wasn't English. But somehow I can understand it as if Japanese language itself.

It was a trap as I thought, but at the same time, the girl in front of me was genuinely frightened not just an act. There may be just a little time so I speak resolutely.

[He-Hey..... are you all right?] (Toru)

[Do-Don’t come!!]

[Whether you all right or not, can you speak in Japanese? I didn’t know anything about this strange language] (Toru)

[Ju-Just leave me alone! Please!]

I became somewhat calm. It’s just a little but it was possible to get some information. We can communicating using Japanese even though the female knight was using a strange language. That being said, it seems the female knight is unable to move for some reason.

[I will go over there now] (Toru)

[I said don’t come!]

[But you couldn’t move, right?] (toru)

[I can move! I can move!]

[No, you didn’t.....] (Toru)

It doesn’t look like an act. If it’s really an act, she must be a famous actress. Although I just see her from afar, she is beautiful just like an actress indeed. No, she may be more beautiful than an actress. I ignored her cries to not come and carefully advanced forward.

[I will come to help] (Toru)

[No! Stop! Don’t violate me! Please don’t kill me!]

Eh? This female knight just said some strange things. We are already at several steps distance.

[What did you say?] (Toru)

[I will do anything from cleaning to washing! Please don’t kill me! Goblin-sama!]

[Go-Goblin!?] (Toru)

I see. Apparently the female knight and myself have the same thought that the other party was a goblin. However I found out immediately that she was a female knight not a goblin, it’s a sad misunderstanding indeed. Grandma told me that I was handsome, so please don’t group me together with goblin.

[Oh, is it because of the headlight?] (Toru)

When I think about it carefully, I can see her because of the headlight attached to helmet. But from her side, it will be too dazzling so that only my silhouette that can be seen, not my face. In addition, she couldn’t move her neck for some reason.

I removed my helmet. In order for her to take a good look of me, I move my face right in front of her and pointed the light from the bottom of my face.


She lost her consciousness while twitching her beautiful face.

[That’s rude]  (Toru)

But then I noticed it was pretty scary to see a face that illuminated by light from the bottom in such dark place.

[Though she was quite frightened..... she is still alive and kicking] (Toru)

It seems there is no injury or whatsoever. She is still breathing. That can be seen from her abundant breast movement across the iron plate armor. Based on that, I can assumed there is nothing wrong with her.

[What now? Aah.....] (Toru)

Illuminated by the light from my helmet, I noticed there was some golden liquid flowing out from around her thighs. I don't know whether it was because of natural phenomena or it was due to fear to the extent she lost her consciousness.....

[It might be dangerous if we stay here. More than anything this watermark will surely make her embarrassed] (Toru)

The ambulance wouldn't come to the dungeon so I decided to carry her to the safety zones myself. Yeah that’s right, it’s my apartment room in my new residence. I place the pickaxe on my belt and shoulder her.

[Let’s put knight-san’s arms around my neck..... okay, I hold your thighs. Ready, heave-ho! Ugh is heavy! Because my hands is full, I have no choice but to leave her shield behind] (Toru)

I grasp her thighs tightly and staggered returning to my room. I thought it would be the best moment ever but the golden water is soaking my clothes now. Well it can’t be helped.

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