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1.1 The Matter About I Accidentally Made A Contract With An Absurd Property

[Could it be..... something like a ghost..... comes out at this place? HAHAHA!!]

I was embarrassed to myself for spouting such an unrealistic word as "ghost", therefore I made it out as if a joke. That’s said, I have no confidence in my words because of my community disorder. Although the real estate agent seems shady, he suited his job and took my words as a joke.

[HAHAHA dear customer. Please stop the joke, of course something such as ghosts doesn’t exist]

That’s right. If there are any accident in the condo or apartment, etc. happened before, there's an obligation for the agent to announce it to the tenant candidate. I think I have heard something like that before. Although shady, he is still a Japanese citizen. If he didn’t announced it, he would received a penalty according to the law.

[I figured. HAHAHA]

[*Cough* (Well, Goblin and Slime did come out though)]

Wait a moment. Did my ears playing a trick on me? This man just said something absurd with a low voice to match my fake smile.

[Excuse me..... what did you just say?]

[Then please write your name on this contract, also put your personal seal here]

I have a really bad feeling about it. Goblin? Slime? the names of monsters that often come out in my favorite games and light novel. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. My sixth sense is telling me that somethings is wrong.

But the charm of a 30.000 Yen rent for a 2LDK apartment in Tokyo Metropolitan's area got the better of me. I who was a sad part-time work soldier that dropped out from university from some circumstances.

(TL : 2LDK = 2 Living rooms, Dining room, Kitchen. Ask Google for more details)

I look at the man’s eyes in front of me with a quick glance. There is no way words like Goblin or Slime came out from the mouth of a gangster-like man who has a sense of realism. Or so that’s what I thought.

I pushed my seal towards the contract with *pon* and write my name.

Toru Suzuki


[Okay, what the heck is this?] (Toru)

When I go out of the front door, a hallway in my apartment for some reason becomes a Dungeon. Why is there a dungeon, could somebody explain it to me?

[Let's see..... I opened the front door. Because it was pitch black, I use a flashlight function from my iPhone. The corridor has become stone-claded with natural rock for some reason..... and dungeon is here!] (Toru)

(TL : You will find some dialogues that sounds like a monolog of our MC's point of view from time to time. I will tried to change it to be sounds more dialogue-like without make it too different with the original line so I hope you could understand)

It’s a shitty property as I expected, or rather it’s totally on a different level altogether. Okay wait a moment, It may be a mistake of something. Let's remember it calmly.

I was unpacking by myself after the people from the moving traders returned. Because it was getting late, I tried to go to a convenience store to buy dinner. I went out of the front door, and then the hallway had become like this. Even if I calmed down, the conclusion didn't change.

So this is the reason why the contract was made in hurry.

Once it was made, I can’t complain about this shitty property. He also can claim that everything had been explained properly. That shady real estate agent had muttered something about a Goblin in low voice with such intention.

[I wonder if I can get through all of this alive and go home. Ah..... if you think about it, this place is no other than my home now] (Toru)

I closed the front door and turned the key quietly. The front door was made with strong iron. I think it was an acts to prevent a thief.

[It's effective against a thief, but I wonder about Goblin or Slime.....] (Toru)

Right and left, as I just confirmed earlier, for the time being my apartment hallway has been turned into dungeon. There wasn’t any Goblin or Slime around. But beyond the corner, rather than Gobiln I got a feeling there was a Dragon. That’s not funny, it’s not reassuring at all.

Racking my head, I sat down on the chair in the living room. Everything was so hectic, I forgot to turn on the light although it's getting dark. The light from street lamps on the outside poured Into my dark room through a window.

[Light of the street lamp!?] (Toru)

When I raised my head to look outside the window, it was obviously the view of Japan with a street lamps...... and telephone pole.

[What is going on?!] (Toru)

I took my shoes from the front door near my otaku stuff and tried to get out through a large window of a Japanese-style room to the yard.

It had the smell of a wonderful exhaust gas that peculiar to a city. Street light, building light, car light, burned the night sky and crushed the stars light. Not far away there were a convenience store and an overall discount store Don Quijote.

It did not even close to the world of passage stone-clad which dominated by darkness from before.

[It’s normal Japan indeed..... what’s going on with this apartment?] (Toru)

One more time, I go back to the apartment of the Japanese-style room through a windows I went out earlier.

[Perhaps just when I go out through the front door, it will leads me to the dungeon. Is that so? In other words.....] (Toru)

The disadvantage of this 2LDK apartment that's located in Tokyo metropolitan area with a 30,000 Yen rent a month, is I only can enter and exit through a window. It may be a shitty property but at the same time it was a good property.  Also didn't the dungeon seems rather fun? I was surprised with how calm I become.

[Maybe it was because I kinda familiar with this kind of things from games and light novels. But that good-for-nothing gangster-like real estate agent, I will get you back later kukukuku.....] (Toru)

I went to the convenience store with an euphoric mood to buy food and tools for the dungeon exploration.


Even so the overall discount store is sure amazing.

[Even pickaxe for mountaineering and a helmet with a headlight are being sold here.....] (Toru)

Although there is no armor, the best weapon and source of light for dungeon exploration are in my hands. Especially this helmet with headligh,t might be called the item of legendary level in the world when you are adventuring with torches and lanterns.

[Let’s go..... to the dungeon] (Toru)

I put my ear against a front door to confirm whether there are any strange sounds.

[For now, it’s not likely there will be an ambush from Goblins right after I opened door. About Slime..... they couldn't not make any sound, aren't they?] (Toru)

I opened the front door quietly. The headlights illuminates the darkness. It can’t be compared with the light from an iPhone flashlight function.

[Huh? I thought it was a passage but it seems different] (Toru)

A big pillar stood up in front of the door. It seems the space around is much bigger compared to my room. In the aspect ratio of its width and height it's about the size of a high school pool.

[Surely, there wouldn’t be a Goblin that suddenly say hello from behind the pillar right?] (Toru)

Rather than through a front door, this time I desperately tried to hear a sound directly from the surroundings.

[.....!] (Toru)

I do not think there is some herd of monster. I’m not sure but..... I heard a breathing sound from the other side of pillar.....

[It’s..... a Goblin?] (Toru)

Right now, I was standing in the front door with half of my body in my room and the other half is in dungeon. I need to completely leave the front door and get closer to that place to confirm it with my own eyes whether it’s a Goblin.

[Maybe I could just take a peek a little and then hurry back to my room. Okay let’s go!] (Toru)

Oh I wish there would be a tutorial. While I think about it as a game, I set my foot to the dungeon. There is no sign that my door will disappear at any moment. I carefully advanced while ensuring my escape route. I peeked at the shadow which made a faint sound at the back of pillar.

[Hii! It’s Goblin] (Toru)

An organic body as clear as mineral water was lying down on the floor. I immediately retracted behind the pillar. I was freaking surprised. I was surprised but.....

[It seems the Goblin was weakened] (Toru)

The Goblin neither bore its fangs or looked at my direction, it's just lying down. I was surprised at first but my fear had become less now. But there is also a possibility of a trap, but my intuition told me it wasn’t dangerous. What to do? Let’s check it once again!

[I have come this far. I have no choice but to do so] (Toru)

I carefully looking at the goblin from behind the pillar. After spending considerable time to slowly observed it, I returned to a place where the Goblin was.

[Hmm..... is that really a Goblin?] (Toru)

I saw an organic object which seems to be a Goblin’s thigh. The skin’s color was strangely glamorous. If you look well, the upper part of a thigh has armor. There was also round shield lying nearby. When I illuminated it with light, a fallen blonde beauty was reflected on my eyes.

[It’s not a Goblin..... could it be..... a Female Knight?] (Toru)

+ + + + +

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    A bit messy but it's readable :)

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  5. 2LDK is the Japanese abbreviation for a two-bedroom apartment with a living room, dining room, and kitchen (