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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Chapter 7 - The Feeling Name Is “Jealousy”

[Gazuna!! You, what on earth did you do?] (Sarona)

Probably Sarona-san also sensed something unusual happening. She seems to be impatient. The Elves around also started to get restless because of the  tremors and the sound that was echoing around.

[Hey-hey what’s going on?] (Ruruna)

[That’s.... I don’t know either.....] (Yuyuna)

The two also seems anxious

[What is happening..... if you want to know, why don’t you ask that guy?] (Wazu)

These two dropped their jaw when I pointed my finger at Gazuna. Following the two, other Elves also directed their line of sight at him. Gazuna was looking down while covering his mouth with a hand.

[Gazuna don’t play dumb, explain yourself!!] (Village Chief)

Village chief was enraged. Heard that, Gazuna releasing his hand from his mouth and slowly raising his face. He say with a detestable smile on his face.

[You must be worried!! Stupid and funny Elves!! Would you like to know what happens? Then let me tell you!! Because I’d like to see you all in despair] (Gazuna)

Just tell us already!

[Right now, with the power of the black ball! More than a hundreds of monster which live in that mountain foot will be flooding this place!!] (Gazuna)

[ [ [ Whaaat!! ] ] ]

The Elves around were astonished to hear that, a panic spreading. He only said it was monsters from the mountain so I thought “Oh, well”. I mean those guys are weak. Rather, I didn’t understand why they were  in so much of a panic. Already some of the Elves are trying to escape to their homes.

[HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Suffer, suffer!!! Run around to escape, you stupid Elves! !!] (Gazuna)

[Do you realize what you did! Gazuna!!] (Sarona)

[I understood very well! Saronaaa!!] (Gazuna)

Sarona-san thrust her knife many times furiously at Gazuna, but had been stopped by the long sword and robe that exhibits the hardness of iron.

[Hey, for now we need to take shelter in the house] (Yuyuna)

[Bu-but Sarona is?] (Ruruna)

[It’s fine, she's protected by barrier. No matter how many monsters come, I guarantee that it can not break] (Yuyuna)

[That’s right....] (Ruruna)

[Wazu! We also have to leave this place immediately] (Yuyuna)

[Eh?] (Wazu)

Yuyuna told me to come inside their house, Ruruna also followed him. Hmm, because I’m worried about Sarona-san, I wanted to remain in this place. But considering the two, it’s better to followed them. Well fortunately, their house is close to this place.

Sarona-san has been attacking with kicks and slashes using her Taijutsu and knife against Gazuna. Because of the automatic recovery and defense power from the robe, no decisive blow was getting made. But still, I didn’t think Sarona-san would lose. Automatic recovery of the robe is a finite. When the magic powers exhausted, it just an ordinary robe.

..... I'm sure but, anxiety still remains in my mind.

[Why..... why did you do such a thing!!] (Sarona)

[Why it is.....? it’s because of you Sarona!! I became this way because you are here! ! !] (Gazuna)

The words stopped Sarona-san movement for a moment. Gazuna long sword got a chance to grazed her left arm.


Finally, monsters invaded the village.

The vast number, more than a hundred monster had filled and surrounded the village. Monsters also got attracted by the barrier. The Elves that escaped to their homes saw this scene while trembling in fear,  a child had burts into tears. Yuyuna's and Ruruna's faces turn pale while discussing whether they could do something about the situation. After confirming the surrounding situation, I returned my eyes to the barrier where Sarona-san was. She is looking at the situation around and returned her line of sight at Gazuna.

[Is this what you wished for?] (Sarona)

[That’s right. But it’s not the end of it] (Gazuna)

[.....You said I’m the cause. What do you mean?] (Sarona)

[.....Sarona. Since a long time ago, without putting any efforts people always called you a genius. I was working hard..... I was also excellent compared to anyone. But you always stand on the top..... you won’t understand my feeling!!! You are just an obstacle for me!!!] (Gazuna)

[Damn.....] (Sarona)

Gazuna had begun to seriously launch attacks this time. He repeatedly launched slashes with his long sword. Sarona-san stopped it with her knife and sometime avoided it with her body.

[Hahaha!! Hey-hey what’s wrong? Why don't you use your magic? You can’t get out of the barrier if you don't  kill me, don't you want to help the people in the village?] (Gazuna)

[Uuu.....] (Sarona)

[It’s impossible right!! Because I’m also a person from this village!! Because you cherish everyone in this village!! But, is this alright? Do you have time to worry about it? If you don't end this fast, everyone other than us will die!!] (Gazuna)

[Why you.....] (Sarona)

Sarona-san raised her left hand to the front..... but she stopped and didn’t move from that position.

[Fufu! Hahahahaha!! How unsighty! It’s ridiculous! Your magic is too strong right! That’s righ Sarona!! Your kindness is only your weakness!!!] (Gazuna)

[ . . . . . ] (Sarona)

Sarona-san clenching her lips, and it was bleeding a little.

Yup. It’s decided. I look back at the two and raised my hand with *shubi* while smiling on my whole face.

[I will going for a moment] (Wazu)

[ [ Huh? ] ] (Yuyuna / Ruruna)

I said so to the two and jump from the house.

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