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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chapter 23 - Dragon King, Let's Apologize

I left the cave and was heading to the abode of The Dragon King that's located in the center mountain. I was running lightly from the cave, after some dinstance I started running a little more seriously. The scenery rapidly changed. Down the mountain, through the highway, into the forest, going up the mountain. The mountain-specific climate change had begun. From frigid to burning, but I was in hurry and didn't have a time to mind it. Well it's just insignificant for me who was accustomed to it. I hopped up as to not lose my speed. After passing the cloud that decorated the Mountain summit, the climate became to stabilize  and it was time for the sun to set already.

It takes a few hours to come up here..... maybe I should spend the night at Ragnil's place. If I remember correctly his home on this way.....

In front of my eyes there was a huge building. A majestic white castle with a huge gate, this place is the abode of Dragon King. I entered the castle casually, it’s been a long time since I last came here. At that time I was brought against my will. I progressed further, not long after I arrive to the throne room of the white castle where Ragnil was.

[Yo!! Long time no se...] (Wazu)

[..... Hmm? What are.....
Oh it’s you!! So you could speak!! ] (Ragnil)

Husband and wife had a similiar reaction.

Ragnil is a Black Dragon with 12m length muscular body. Glossy black eyes and scales that covered his body as if sucking the light. From his head there are two large horns pointed sharply. But now he seems to be a little haggard.

[Wazu, that’s my name. Because it’s troublesome I will get to the point, are you cheating on your wife?] (Wazu)

[~Ugh!! How could!? You can read my mind? No..... did you hear it from Meral!?  Where is she now??] (Ragnil)

Ragnil is looming over me. Too close, he was too close, could you move a little away!!

[What are you going to do after see her?] (Wazu)

[Of course, I will bring her back!!] (Ragnil)

[How?] (Wazu)

[I am Dragon King, she would listen to my words and return] (Ragnil)

Haaa..... this guy is no good..... he didn’t understand his situation..... it’s not about your status. It’s a matter about woman where the reason doesn’t work. I don’t have a lover, I was dumped by Aria and Sarona, it might be unreasonable for present me but I couldn’t help saying. Also this Dragon King is my friend, first of all let’s hear the story from his side.

Apparently things aren't what they seems to be. Because it seems a young female Red Dragon persistently kept inviting him for a meal, he reluctantly went with the other dragon. But when he noticed it, there was only the two of them and at the same time Meral had witnessed it.

You have been set up. Perhaps the other Dragons also worked behind the scene. That's a pretty carnivorous-system of Dragon. No, they were carnivorous to begin with. The real problem is The Red Dragon Karel. She was a beauty with a nice body (from a dragons perspective) so Ragnil had an urge to look at her.

[As a man I understand your feeling but the situation is getting worse. Anyway..... for the time being let’s apologize to Meral] (Wazu)

[Why should a Dragon King apologize? I did nothing wrong!!] (Ragnil)

[ ..... ] (Wazu)

This guy's useless.

[Haaa..... first of all, the matter about you being the Dragon King is not related to the problem] (Wazu)

[ ? ] (Ragnil)

This guy..... it shown all over his face that he didn't understand. Should I beat him..... ah, that’s right!

[How about we look from the reverse point of view. For example, Meral was having a meal with a young male dragon together, only the two of them] (Wazu)

[What did you say!!!!! I will kill him!!!!! tell me where is he!!!!!] (Ragnil)

[Calm down, it’s just an example..... and then you saw the scene and decided to run away from home] (Wazu)

(TL : Just like a certain someone, man look at yourself!! :D)

[..... I see] (Ragnil)

[There Meral came and said “Let’s go back” without apologizing first. Will you forgive her and come back home?] (Wazu)

[.....Ughh.....] (Ragnil)

Ragnil was imagining it while placing his hand on chin.

[I will never forgive her..... or rather I would getting furious] (Ragnil)

[Right? in other word what you are going to do will make the situation get worse] (Wazu)

[..... You are right] (Ragnil)

It seems he somewhat understood the situation. Thanks god, it seems I managed to explain it somehow.

[And, that’s the reason I have came here. Tomorrow I will bring you to meet Meral, will you apologize properly? Or rather you should apologize!!] (Wazu)

[..... I understand. I can’t bear just to imagine it. Meral must have been hurt. I will obediently apologize, will she forgive me.....] (Ragnil)

It’s all right. She was busy worrying about her appearance when I told her I would bring you.

[It’s as good over there. So, what are you going to do with The Red Dragon? It will be troublesome if the same thing happened again some day..... For example, could you introduced her to someone?] (Wazu)

[I see..... let’s intoduce her to some young and promising person that suits her] (Ragnil)

[Well, I will leave the matter to you..... more importantly, don’t forget to apologize to Meral first, okay?] (Wazu)

[I know it already] (Ragnil)

After that we had a silly talk about our current conditions with each other and slept.

The dragon that Ragnil introduced will later become new dragon king and the beautiful red dragon will be there by his side. Knowing that he could meet his partner because of a human proposal, the new dragon king advocates to form good realationship with human race. This is the first step towards the coexistence between human and dragons. But for Wazu and Ragnil, it's just a way to free themselves from a trouble called red dragon.

On the next day Ragnil was riding atop my hand. I lifted and held him firmly.

[What kind of situation is this..... I have a bad feeling about it] (Ragnil)

[Don’t worry. Because I have been involved with your couple’s problem, let me do this much at least..... okay, here we go!!] (Wazu)

I said so and begun an approach-run.

[Wait, it’s imposible-----] (Ragnil)

[Fly high Ragnill!!] (Wazu)

I was throwing Ragnil towards the mountain where Meral is.

+ + + + +

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