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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chapter 21 - Huh? It’s Looks Familiar.....

I went into preparation immediately after leaving the guild. That said, I will just prepare some food and water into the bag that I borrowed from the guild. At the inn I asked Keyla-san if I can obtained some food and water. She just said [Leave it to me] and retreated to the counter’s back. Not long after, she brought some sandwiches with monster meat and water canteen. It’s really a big help, thank you. I put away the sandwiches and water canteen into bag and left the city.

First I went to the forest in the east. When I got there, I began to walk towards the north. However it’s not with an usual speed. Otherwise, even with a horse you would need 4-5 days to reach the big lake. With my agility, it feels as if I just walked to my garden. Too fast, it was too fast.

Since I found out about my status, I noticed that I could walk normally just as before but when I desired it I could bring forth the power of my status. I didn’t have any problem with this power so far. However I don’t know the limit. I can’t look at myself so I don’t know how fast I am from other’s perspective. Well, it is not particularly a problem.

While considering such things, I have arrived near the lake. Speaking of it I didn’t meet any monster. If it's about a goblin, they seemed to be around. Because I didn’t come for that I will leave them alone. I sit down at the lake’s shores and take out a sandwich and water canteen from bag. Now then, let’s take a break.

When I stuffed the sandwich in my mouth, some noise came from the forest near the lake. Occasionally a breaking sound can be heard. A sound of something being chased or attacked. It’s gradually getting closer and I can see a mass of white as big as my head leaping out the forest.

Following it, a monster with two heads and a snake tail appeared. With it's body around 3m in length, it was a dog monster called Orthos. Apparently this Orthos seems to be trying to eat the mass of white. The mass of white popped out wings such as bats and tried to flee by flying. It doesn’t seem able to fly high and was in a dangerous situation. I was looking at the scene while eating my sandwich. But suddenly the mass of white changed its direction and flying towards me.

Hmm... it’s looks familiar!?

While thinking that, the mass of white strucks my chest. I didn’t feels any hostility so I accept it without any resistance in particular, although I was surprised. I attempted to check what the mass of white was, but before I could Orthros appeared in front of me.

[ [ Grrrrrr..... ] ]

It was growling and raised their drooling mouths at me. I wonder if they thought it was catching a big prey. After wiping drool with its tongue, one of the head opened its mouth.

[Be quiet!!] (Wazu)


I stopped the movement of Orthros with one arm as it was slammed to the ground. Good grief, don’t disturb people’s meal. I throw the rest of sandwich in my mouth. I confirmed the Orthros which seemed dead because I forgot to hold back..... what a frightening force as always.

*munch... munch... gulp*

I swallowed sandwich inside my mouth and peeling the mass of white which was still attached to me and brougt it in front of my eyes.


The mass of white was looking at me and crying. It has a body such as reptile. Despite looking sturdy it has childish characteristic. Large black pupils as if sucking the light. While it small, there are sharp claws on its hand and feet also sharp teeth. A long tail and its body surface is covered with beautiful white scales. The one I’m picking and lifting now certainly is a white dragon. I mean, it looks familiar.....

[Could it be..... are you Meru?] (Wazu)

[Kyui!! Kyui!!] (Meru)

She was nodding happily. Oh, Do you understand human speech? It’s definitely Meru. What are you doing in a place like this?

Meru is the daughter of a Dragons couple back when I was live in the mountain. It's a simple encounter, we got close to each other after fighting. The married(?) couple both understood human speech, speaking was also possible. At that time the husband said---

[Guhaha!! Why is there a little human in such place? Let’s beat and crush him to kill time]

---so I rushed and silenced him. Now that I think about it, my status was abnormal at that time..... after that, I came to apologize but was turned away by hand’s gesturing only. And then I was intoduced to Meru. I remember the couple always complained about each other.

What was that again? If I remember correctly..... the husband’s name is Black Dragon Ragnil and the wife’s is White Dragon Meral. Ragnil who had proclaimed himself as a Dragon King. I was remembering, but---

[Huh? Isn't your home in that Mountain? What are you doing here?] (Wazu)

[Kyuii... Kyuii~...] (Meru)

It is useless. I do not understand.

[Hmm... are you together with Ragnal and Meral?] (Wazu)

[Kyuii !!!] (Meru)

Meru’s small hand pointed at the mountain top and tried to beckoning me to come with her.

[...... so the rumored Dragon was you guys] (Wazu)

I letting out sigh and heading there with Meru on top of my head.

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