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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Chapter 20 - Neatly Cleaning Up

After the mock battle I heading back to Wind of Light Pavilion. On the way, Orlando spoke to me and Emma-san also introdroduced her husband. The other Adventurers were noisy. Because we can speak any time, I leave the conversation little early. However the situation didn’t change much back at the inn.  Adventurers are making noise in the dining room, because of that I ate dinner in my room.

When I come down, everyone got more heated-up. [You are strong!] said Keyla-san while smiling at me. When I met Lula, with sparkling eyes she said [It was amazing!! it had ended all too soon.....]. According to Keyla-san, Lula was quite worried because she can’t see me well under the fire attacks. Well, I did it on purpose though. Also there is no need to worry with such fire attacks. [Sorry for making you worry] I said so while patting Lula’s head. I was sleeping while wrapped by hustle and bustle that comes from the dining room.

On the next day I heading towards the guild because Baldie called me. I guided by Emma-san to the guild master’s room, on the way she keep telling me [You are strong], [My husband also was excited too], [My
excited husband was wonderful yesterday] the same as yesterday. I was at a loss for an answer. I don’t have a lover so my heart also received damage to hear it. Until arriving at our destination, I gave a halfhearted answer of “Yes” or “Well”.


[Master, I have brought Wazu-san here] (Emma)

Emma-san switches over to a work mode and floats an usual smile on her face. Until just a while ago she keep talking about her husband like crazy. She opened the door and invited me to come in. Baldie seemed to just be finishing paperwork. We sat down face-to-face on the sofa just like before. After serving us tea, Emma-san bowed before she left the room.

[Sorry for calling you today and yesterday] (Regan)

[No, I don’t mind that. So for what reason have I been called today? Baldie] (Wazu)

[Bastard..... I’m not bald..... I just shaved my hair] (Regan)

[I see. You are using that kind of excuse? You shaved it everyday is it..... even though your hair had already perished] (wazu)

[Okay, your doing a mock battle with me today] (Regan)

[It’s a joke.... so please put down your fist] (Wazu)

I teased him too much. When I repented on my mind, Bald---, I mean Regan-san turned his face down while produced a serious atmosphere.

[A joke huh..... the kids from the neighborhood also called me “Bald”. I didn’t care at first, but recently Lula has began to doubted me..... what should I do?] (Regan)

Then grow your hair. Though I’m not sure if that’s really the reason. Well, I’m not interested. But I was also feeling a little guilty for called him bald, should I help to convinced Lula?

[I understand. I will be careful as not to call you Baldie from now on..... so is that the reason you called me?] (Wazu)

[Do you know about the forest in the east? If you go a little to the north from there, you will find the big lake next to a hill. I’d like you to investigate something there] (Regan)

[Why me? That’s what I want to say. But Guild master has personally requesting me so there must be some kind of reason right?] (Wazu)

[Ah the reason is simple. Originally this A-rank request was received by Black Flame that come to the city for this matter. But because they fought with some F-rank adventurer and lost in one shot, right now they are in the clinic receiving treatment. Surely their opponent which is unhurt can receive this request in their stead] (Regan)

[Hee..... that’s sounds bad] (Wazu)

I replied it while smiling.

[IT WAS YOU!!] (Regan)

[I bet~] (Wazu)

Because the matter about Black Flame is my responsibility, it can’t be helped.....

[By the way, if you take over this request and achived it, the 30 gold coins rewards will be yours] (Regan)

[I will do it !!!!!] (Wazu)

Thank you Black Flame. You guys had been beaten by me at a good time. I will never forget you..... maybe.

[Well then I'm going tell you about the content of the investigation request. Two weeks ago a merchant that was traveling on the mountain road had reported that he saw the figure of a Dragon at the mountain top. Besides, many reports about Dragon roaring was heard also increasing. If that’s true, I want you to find out the numbers, type, and its size. If possible I want you to subjugated it. Well, although your strength has already been demonstrated, don’t push yourself] (Regan)

(TL : He is talking about a normal mountain not that "Mountain")

[Dragon huh..... well, no problem] (Wazu)

There is no practical problem. When I was living in the mountains, there were some fellows which understand human language. Well, you can assumed it as my friend maybe. I want a human friends though.....

[I leave it to you. Because it’s a sudden request, I will give you some time to make a preparation to some degree, how is that?] (Regan)

[Hmm..... I didn’t have any schedule in particular so I will going right away. Because it was A-rank, it must be have some higher urgency. I will going with *papan* and finished it with *swosh*] (Wazu)

[I won’t say anything and just pray that I didn’t choose the wrong person] (Regan)

[You are not wrong at all Regan-san] (Wazu)

I got up and left the room while saying so. When I closed the door, it had reached my ears---

[That guy finally called my name] (Regan)

It was a happy voice mixed with a little curse.

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