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Monday, September 19, 2016

Chapter 18 - The Person Himself Has A Wonderful Feeling Of Achievement

As I walking deeper into the forest the number of monsters I encountered also increased. Even so, hardly any Goblin to say. Occasionally I encountered with such as a large-scale Tiger, after that only flying-type monsters hovering above my head and nothing else, however it’s doesn't work well. To be precise I was holding back my power but it’s still too strong..... Before I realized it the Goblin nest was in front of my eyes.

[Uwaah..... just how many is that?] (Wazu)

Wherever I turn my eyes there are Goblin, Goblin, and Goblin..... my vision was dyed with green. And then I noticed something when I look at them.

Huh? if everything remained like this, perhaps I couldn't completed the request?

Herbs could were secured sufficiently before I came here. However a Goblin’s right ear as a proof of subjugation request, there is only one..... Cer-Certainly I should aim at the Goblin’s body, because I crushed the head of three Goblins from before so it can’t be helped. Why I just realized it at this late..... somehow I feel like losing..... however it’s no use crying over spilled milk. It will be a problem if I can't completed the request because I need the reward’s money.

Bu-But it’s alright! Yeah, there is still a lot Goblins for practice!! I'm sure it will work somehow or another!! Let’s do it!! 5 Goblin’s ears will be coming in an instant!!


I'd like to hit myself who thought so. I entered the nest and have already defeated more than one hundred Goblins, but there are no corpses with an ears that still remain intact. Although I hit the Goblin with a little power but its head still blown out. Damn it.....

And then after I defeated another hundred Goblins..... at last..... I was able to defeat it while leaving its head. Hooray!! I did it!! When I happily swung my hands up, the goblin head flew from my hand and burst out. Argh, again.....

After being repeated so many times, finally I can get a grasp about how to control my power. just then I noticed there was only one big Goblin left before me. This guy is really big..... his body is likely big enough to reach 3m height, he wore shabby armor, his hand was holding a clunky sword, such as an iron lump. Judging from his twisted face, he seems to be furious. I began to count the ears that I could collected without minding him.

One..... two.....
A buzz sound from the clunky sword that the Goblin brandishing approached me in high speed, but I continue to count while avoiding it with a little effort.

Three..... four.....
The big Goblin drew near me in an instant while roaring with his bright red face, but I didn't care. Just one more, also there is only one opponent left. My heart throbbed but it’s okay, everything will work out somehow surely.....

..... five .....six!!
Yeah I did it!! I found the remaining two ears from corpses that was overlap each other. Hooray!! As I told you before that everything will be all right.

Feeling happy and relieved lead me to be caught off guard. The big Goblin took a large step and tried to attack me with his full power. The attack landed on a Goblin’s head from earlier.

[Bastard!! What are you doing!! You fools!!] (Wazu)

I moved in front of the big Goblin in lightning speed. Using a little serious power I counter attacking the clunky sword that came at me.


Goblin’s head and a clunk sword burst out like trash and flying to the back of nest while leaving a hole. A remaining body had collapse in place with a *thud* sound. Immediately I checked a Goblin’s head from before.

.....Safe, it’s safe!
One of a Goblin’s ear from before was crushed but the other one was safe. I'm collecting the Goblin’s ear with a knife made from monster’s bone and leave that place.

Goblin nest in the eastern forest of fort city Rinikku was destroyed that day. If everything had been left as it was, a big flood of Goblin attack will have occurred several months later which would have resulted in heavy damage to the city. However it has ended without anyone knowing. The number of Goblin's which died was 638 in total. The last big Goblin was an A-rank monster called Goblin King. Wazu had brought back only 5 Goblin’s ears.


Orlando greeted me when I came back to the city. I handed Goblin’s ears and herbs to Emma-san, after finished the request completion procedure I went to Wind of Light Pavilion just as is. The rewards I received were several coppers and 3 silvers coins in total, well it's not bad. I paying 2 silvers coin to Lula for the inn fee. After I ate my dinner I went to the same room as yesterday and slept.

On the next day I headed to the guild just before noon. Guided by Emma-san I went to a training field at the back of guild building. Upon entering the training field there was a big audience. I looking around and found Kayla-san, Lula, and Orlando among them. After leading me to the center of arena, Emma-san went back and sat down next to a man who was folding his arms. Is that her husband? Most of the audience seems to be Adventurers, I remember some people which I had seen at the inn before. Does everyone have nothing to do? Or rather, they seemed to come specially to watch this freak show.....

I waiting while doing some exercises. Three people from Black Flame and Baldie came out from the training field's entrance I passed through before.

Now then, give your best Black Flame’s gentleman.

**TL Note : Ooh no Re: Zero anime has ended, clap! clap! clap! thanks for the hardwork. For a fall season animes nothing I was looking forward except Natsume Yuujinchou S5. The heartwarming story, one of my favorite anime**

**Proof reader : Truffle***

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