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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Chapter 17 - Because I’m an Adventurer, Let’s Take The First Request

[You are an F-rank and just joined yesterday ~ ~ ~ ~ ~] (Ragen)

Angry voice echoes inside the guild master's room on the third floor of guild building. Because of what happened yesterday, I was called by baldie, I mean guild master to this place. Right now, I sit face-to-face sandwiching a table with him. Because he want to know more about me, I told him that I just joined as an adventurer yesterday. That is the cause for the angry voice before. Too loud, is your throat okay?

[Goddess's gracious, I had heard yesterdays situation from Lula and understand that those guys were in the wrong. But mock battle between F-rank and A-rank is a little..... let’s cancel it] (Ragen)

[Eh? No, please let me do it! Bald---guild master!! Those guys are making a fool of your cooking!! Out of loud!! It’s enough of reason for me!! Don’t worry because I won’t lose!!] (Wazu)

It will be troubled for me if you cancel it at this late.

[I am glad you praised my cooking..... phew..... well, I do think that rank = ability though..... by the way you have a different image with the story I heard from Lula and Emma. Such as belligerent.....] (Ragen)

[Belligerent? It’s not that. This time I just have a little objective on my mind..... well, it’s my personal circumstances though. By the way who is Emma?] (Wazu)

[What? She didn’t introduced herself? She is the receptionist who handled your guild registration] (Ragen)

[Ah, that pink-haired woman] (Wazu)

[By the way she was just married so it’s no use to wooing her] (Ragen)

[I don’t have such intention] (Wazu)

Just what did you think of me?

I let out a sigh and was about to complaint but looking at the serious expression of bald---, I mean guild master.....

[Are you really going to do it?] (Ragen)

[Yes] (Wazu)

[..... All right. Well, it’s not the authority of guild to stop a dispute between adventurers. There are thing about excessive behavior but it’s on the very limit this time so I will overlook it but there won’t be next time] (Ragen)

[I understand] (Wazu)

I thought the talk had ended with that, I stood up from sofa and was just about to leave the room when bald---, I mean guild master spoke to me.

[I see, good luck] (Ragen)

[I don’t need you to say that. Well then excuse me guild---baldie] (Wazu)


[Bastard!! You said it finally!! Let me tell you something, I just shaved my hair off-----!!!] (Ragen)

I didn’t care either way. I come down to the first floor in a trot.

[Excuss me, I’d like to take these requests please] (Wazu)

[Excuss me, please don’t hand it to me] (Emma)

I who came down to the first floor pull 2 of request papers from the bulletin board and handed it to Emma-san the receptionist, and then such reply was returned with a smile and blue vein that popped on her head. It’s scary, Emma-san.....

[You did say you would be careful..... and yet, it’s happened? Did you remember what I told you yesterday?] (Emma)

[I remember it. However this time..... well..... there is a lot of circumstances] (Wazu)

[Haa..... whatever. It seems you got lectured by guild master so I won’t say anything this time..... you want to take these two?] (Emma)

Emma-san confirming the content of the requests that I handed to her. Immediately I let out a big sigh.

[You have a mock battle tomorrow so why did you take Goblin subjugation and herbs collection request?] (Emma)

[To be frank I don’t have any money. Because all F-rank requests need a one day trip, only E-rank requests ia available] (Wazu)

Well, there is also another purpose though. Emma-san also let out a big sigh.

[..... I understand. It’s accepted, please give me your guild card] (Emma)

I handed the guild card. The request that you received will be confirmed and registered in the guild card. Meanwhile Emma-san tell me about the request’s detail.

[You advanced a little from here to the east. Usually you can find a goblin in the forest around there. Because there’s a Goblin nest deep inside the forest please be careful. Since subjugation proof is a Goblins right ear, please bring five of them. About the herbs comission, we will buy as much as you have. Is there any question?] (Emma)

[I don’t have a bag to put herbs and Goblin ears in. Can I borrow one?] (Wazu)

[No problem..... well then, it’s your guild card and the bag which you can attached to the waist. Please return the bag later, if its torn or damaged you have to pay a fine so please be careful] (Emma)

[Thank you very much] (Wazu)

[Yes, take care!!] (Emma)

I leave the guild and headed to the Wind of Light Pavilion to pay my lodging fee for today, after that I leave the city. On the way, I meet Orlando and returned my temporary ID card after talking for a short while. He knew about the mock battle between me and the A-rank adventurers, the information is spreading fast huh..... it seems he has a day off tomorrow so he will come to watch..... you sure are free.

I'm walking for a while and arrived at the eastern forest, it’s not that far I thought. I walking leisurely while collecting herbs and finally 3 green monster appeared before me.

Pointed ears and nose with green stocky body. A monster called a Goblin approached me while laughing with a *geya-geya* sound. As a weapon, they held a rusty knife, wooden stick, and bare hands respectively. Whether it’s cooperation or not, they slowly surrounded me. Fumu, Finally I can test the thing out.

I was going to test my power with a Goblin. It focused mainly to train how to hold back. In this state, I think every opponent I faced would die. More or less it will be better if I am able to hold back to some extent.

Or so that is what I thought, but......

In front of my eyes were three Goblin corpses which its head burst out..... in just an instant..... haaa..... as I thought.

Maybe it’s because of the monsters rank but the main issue as expected is my power. I thought this time I will be able to exert my power properly because I was aware about it, but it's still doesn't work after all. If everything stayed as is, tomorrow those guys will be killed. It doesn’t matter though, but considering about the future I can’t say the same thing about it. First of all I need to remember how to go easy with the Goblins.

Because of that, I will head to the Goblin nest right now.

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