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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chapter 16 - What A Simple Bunch

The owner of the rugged voice was coming from behind the counter. He glared towards us with some amazing's look on his face.

The man was bigger than anyone else in the place. His height is more than 2m, thick arms and chest that was made of muscle. His  eyes are sharp, next to his right eye there is a single large scratch down to his cheek. Also there is no hair on his head. If it’s not because the apron he wore, normally you can tell by look that he is indeed a veteran warrior.

Such a baldie was approaching us with a heavy atmosphere about him. And then, Lula sneaked out from my back and threw her arms around that baldy.

[Uwaaa!! Father...!!!!] (Lula)

[Oh what is it Lula? What happened?]

Fa~Father?? That baldie is?? .....nothing alike, but it's a good thing for Lula.

Lula is explaining about what happened to the baldie while holding her tears. Occasionally even the adventurers around also adding their story. Please explain about me properly as well, since that baldie is staring at me from time to time. By the way, I’m still grabbing the red-haired guy’s hand while remain glaring at each other in the meantime.

It seems they finished the explanation. After the baldy patted Lula’s head, he come to us with Lula hiding behind his back.

[Are you from Black Flame which mocked my cooking and quarreled with my daughter?]

[What of it? Your cooking is sucks]

[I don't think so though] (Wazu)

I denied immediately because I didn’t think the same as these guys.

[Fuu~..... it seems you just came to this city recently]

[Then, what of it?]

[I am Regan, adventurer’s guild master of this city] (Regan)



Just now, what did this baldie say!! Guild..... master..... this baldie is.....

The Red-haired guy was surprised to hear these words, and I-----

[No way!! Someone like you..... is Lula’s blood-related father!! Just tell the truth already!! That actually Lula is a child from Keyla-san former marriage, right?] (Wazu)

[That’s what your concerned with!? We are really blood-related!! Lula is my beloved daughter!!! You hear that?] (Regan)

[It’s a lieeeeeee-----!!!!!] (Wazu)

The adventurers around were nodding in unison while folding their arms on my words. I fell down on the spot. why?? even such a baldie old man has a wife and daughter. But right now, neither friends nor lover on my side..... it’s unfair..... it’s absurd..... it’s too much!!


Not liking the situation they were in, those guys clicked their tongue while trying to leave this place. However the baldie, I mean guild master didn’t seem like he will overlook them.

[Hey Black Flame!! It's because your behavior is a little unsightly. Tomorrow, you come to my room in the guild office first thing in the morning!!] (Regan)

[Huh? Why is it? We are A-rank adventurers why should we be bothered by such thing?]

A-rank? Ah come to think of it these guy said from A-rank huh..... fuuhu..... just wait you guys!!

I was laughing on my mind, at the same time the baldie, I mean guild master is still arguing with Black Flame guys.....

[Run away huh! What, it seems you guys are not a big deal. Are you really A-rank? Oh I see, you earned A-rank through taking part in other people’s achievements, and it’s not because of your own ability right? Well it’s certainly will be embarrassing if people found out that your power doesn’t live-up to your rank. Because of that you make several reasons in order to run away, right? It can’t be helped, I will overlook you this time so get out from my sight at once!!] (Wazu)

I threw some words of provocation that I can come up with. Baldie, I mean guild master was glaring at me as if to tell me don’t say unnecessary things. Lula was looking at me anxiously. The guys from Black Flame were furious until their faces turned bright red. What a simple bunch.....

[Bring it bastard..... I will engrave the terror of Black Flame on your body]

I and the guys from Black Flame are glaring at each other while ready to move at any moment. They had already put a hand on each of their weapon .But there was a person who can't overlook the situation.

[You guys stopped it already!!] (Regan)

Baldie, I mean guild master interrupted us by standing between me and Black Flame while trying to open some distance with his hand.

[Hey guild master. After he said that much, don’t expect we will just let it pass]

[I know.....] (Regan)

Bald---guild master is showing a face as if he chewed on some bug. I laughing on my heart because I was successfully to lead the Black Flame guys by nose.

[If the kid over there is willing then..... I will permit you to use guild training field for a mock battle. As note, killing is forbidden. How about that?] (Regan)

[No problem!! Because We have an investigation report for tomorrow, how about the day after tomorrow at noon?]

[Well, I don’t mind] (Wazu)

[I will make you regret picking a fight with us]

Black Flame guys confirmed my acceptance and went out just like that. Good everything is goes well, I grinning while watching their back.

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