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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chapter 14 - The Path Of Inn

[Ermm.....  is there something wrong? Since a while ago you have been letting out a sigh, scowling at empty space, and then sighing again. May I know if there is any deficiencies in your guild card?]

I returned to my sense after hearing receptionist-san's words. Aah, I’am still inside the guild right now, I wonder how long I’ve been spaced out.

[It’s alright, sorry. There is nothing wrong, I just checked my status a little] (Wazu)

[Is that so. Certainly, that’s an important thing, Wazu-san just became an adventurer so you have to check your status properly. Also, please only accept a request that within your ability. If you overestimate your power, it usually leads to death]

[Yes..... I will be careful] (Wazu)

Though I don't know what to be careful of.....

To suddenly become super strong after getting off of that mountain. That’s right, this city is not too far from that mountain, I thought they might know something about it.

[Umm..... there is something I would like to ask....] (Wazu)

[Yes, what is it?]

[What is that big mountain you can see from the outside?] (Wazu)

To my question, receptionist-san showed an incredible look at me.

[Umm..... you really didn’t know anything about that mountain?]

[Yes. So please tell me] (Wazu)

[..... I understand. It’s absolutely neccessary to live so listen carefully]

Then I heard the fact about the mountain, it was a big shock for me.

The abnormal weather..... also full of S-rank monsters..... I..... how could I have survived from that place? I still can’t believe it myself..... but, maybe it was the effects of Goddess Sympathy's skill. I wonder if I have been protected by that skill all this time. And then, because I adapted to the environment I got Abnormal State Nullification skill, because I ate everything at that time I got Extreme Cannibalism skill. About my abnormal status, I wonder if it's because I ate S-ranked monsters..... that is how I become so strong..... it’s all thanks to Goddess-sama that I can live right now.

[..... That’s it. The mountain is very dangerous place so you absolutely have to stay away from that..... did you hear me?]

Crap!! I was lost in thought about Goddess-sama for a moment. Receptionist-san has blue vein popping on her head.

[Ye~Yeah!! I heard it properly!! I won’t approached it!!] (Wazu)

[Please do so!]

I say my thanks and leave the guild. I feel tired after learning a fact about the mountain, so I have decided to head for wind of light pavilion to rest. Just as I was told, the inn located not far from adventurer’s guild.

Wind of light pavilion is a two-story wooden building  with the width of 3 houses. It seem the building is managed properly, I can’t see any damaged parts. I think is a nice normal inn. Hmm.... I nodded and went inside.

[Welcome to the wind of light pavilion!!]

When I got inside, I was greeted by a high-spirited woman’s voice. She has light-brown hair with an easy going type face, while cleaning the counter she was speaking to me. Some tables and chairs were arranged for people to have a meal. At the right side of counter, there were stairs that lead to the second floor.

[One person is it? Do you need a meal? Or a room?]

[A room please, how much for one night] (Wazu)

[It’s 2 silver coin for 1 night that come with 2 meals. I've never see your face before, are you an adventurer?]

[Ah yes, I just became one a moment ago] (Wazu)

[I see. Then it's free for today! It’s for commemoration for you as an adventurer]

[Eh? Is that okay?] (Wazu)

[No problem. I’m also a former adventurer, so I understand the struggle of a rookie! Don’t be reserved okay!!]

[Thank you] (Wazu)

I decided to obediently accept her offers and saying my thanks. Even though I have an abnormal power, I still feel uneasy about my money.

[Lula!! It’s a customer~!!.....

please write your name in the guest book]

While saying so she handed me the guest book and quill pen, after writing my name I returned it to her. Not long a small girl appeared from inside the counter.

[Welcome!! Mmm....... Wazu-san is it, welcome to Wind of Light Pavilion!! Nice to meet you!! My name is Lula!! I’m 13 years old and the master of path of the inn , also I’m a girl] (Lula)

After confirming my name in the guest book, a cute girl with brown hair spoke to me cheerfully. She lowered her head and introduced herself as Lula while blooming a smile on her face.

.......... What the heck is path of inn?

[Ahahahaha!! Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Kayla, I’m a proprietress and my husband is a cook at this place. Lula is my daughter and she is helping out now. If you need something, you can ask Lula here] (Kayla)

[Leave it to me!! *donn* .....*cough*!!] (Lula)

She say so while hitting her chest. But because she put to much power onto it, she choked.

[..... Then, what is the path of inn you just said a little while ago] (Wazu)

[Tha’t a good question!!!!!] (Lula)

Lula eyes glittering and her face brightened. She approached me while playing her index finger.

[Let’s see, the inns that just provided food and bedding are no good!! Those are a third-rate inn!! And, second-class inns provided a good meal and clean bed!! But first-class inns provided further facilities and
satisfying service!! But, when it come to the top-notch----] (Lula)

[Yes Yes, don’t troubled the customer okay. Now quickly guide him to the room. Use the innermost room at the second floor] (Kayla)

I had surrendered while raising the open arm. When Kayla-san saw it, she send a life boat by telling Lula to guide me to the room while handed her a key.

[Okay, I will guide you to the room. In the meantime I will tell you more about the path of inn!!] (Lula)

Nooo, I’m not saved~!!!!!

I’m braced myself to listen her talk while we headed to the room.

Keyla-san saw me off with such a wry smile

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  1. Is this Inn-Way supposed to be analogous to Kendo (Way of Sword)?

  2. Yeah something like that, here is a raw "宿屋道" any other interpretation?

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