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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chapter 12 - It's One Of My Dream To Come Here

Right now, in front of me was a soldier who inspected an ID card of a person who was about to enter the town. And then I just noticed it for the first time,

Huh? I..... didn’t have it..... aah!

I always kept my wallet inside a pocket safely, but while in the Elf village I usually put my ID card and other things at Yuyuna and Ruruna house. That’s right..... it’s because I left just as it..... damn, I felt like crying right now.....

[Then, the next person please]

The soldier called me. I approached him cautiously. I steeled my heart, for the worst case I will camp outside the town.....

[Please show me your ID card]

[..... Well, actually..... the thing is..... I lost my ID card.....] (Wazu)

[I see, we need to ask you some question if you want to issued a temporary ID card, will you take it?]

[Yes please] (Wazu)

Oh? An interview? Is that all?

Since I was never leave the Imperial City before, I didn’t know there was such procedure. I obediently followed the soldier to enter a small room. There was a desk and two chairs in the center of room. At one of the chair there was a youth, though the figure is slender, he was fully equiped.

[Yo! Are you the person who lost the ID card? It must be quite troublesome. I will begin the interview, but first why don’t you take a seat?]

The young man pointing at the vacant chair while saying so, I sat on the chair in accordance with obediently. After that, it was just a light interview. Such as name and birthplace, what was my purpose in coming to this town, did I commit any crime before, etc. I answered it one by one. Just in case, whether I have comitted any crime or not are investigated using a special magic tool. The young man also told a story about himself. His name is Orlando, there is no last name so it seems he is not from nobility. His age is 2 years older than me, 19 years old. A chief of garrison soldier at the gate, that’s great. He's also a friendly person, we exchanging a chat while conducting the interview.

[Well then, you can use it to get a guild card. since it's just a temporary ID card please go to adventurer guild within a week and then return the ID card otherwise it will be invalid] (Orlando)

[No problem. Since I will go immediately after this, also could you recommend me an inn? I didn’t have much money, so I’d like a place as cheap as possible.....] (Wazu)

[Then on the opposite side of the Adventurer Guild, at the intersection of boulevard, there is an inn called “Wind of Light Pavilion” which is managed by a former adventurer couple, how about it? They always help rookie adventures with various things] (Orlando)

[Yeah, I will go to that place] (Wazu)

I received the finished temporary ID card aftrewards, I walked to a passage for entering the town while talking with Orlando. At the end of a passage, Orlando stopped and then looking at me.

[Come to think of it, I forgot to say one important thing] (Orlando)

[ ? ] (Wazu)

[Welcome to the fort city Linnic] (Orlando)


Fort City Linnic

It’s a city that guards the south side of an entrance to Mabondo kingdom, the world's largest nation in at east continent. It’s a busy city, also among the many mainland’s towns and cities, its development was very dominant. A circular shaped doorways at the north and south side, which has been divided into four compartments by a cross boulevard.....

I was looking at what written bulletin board.

Thank goodness..... my hometown Imperial City was in the center of the south continent. Anyway I was relieved, I wil avoid to the south for now.

I had begun to walk along the main street to the Adventurer Guild just like that. This is the fort city, things are quite different from my hometown. I advancing while seeing the vicinity restlessly.

I went to the place Orlando informed, there I saw a three-story large building. “Adventurer’s Guild Linnic Branch” was written on a big signboard at the entrance of the building. I took a deep breath before entering the building.

Once I was inside the guild, there were a receptionist desks and stairs at the center back. On my right side, there was bulletin board with the requests listed on it. On my left side was a simple dinning place. I prepared myself and went to the reception desk while looking around restlessly

[Hello, welcome to the adventurer guild of Linnic branch, may I help you?]

[..... Yeah, adventurer registration please] (Wazu)

[Adventurer registration is it..... then please fill out this form]

I received a quill pen and paper that has been proffered. Name, age, hometown, I continue to fill it one after another.

I heard that receptionist of Adventurer's Guild had many beautiful woman, so it was true. Receptionist-san in front of me has fluffy pink hair that extended to shoulder, also lovely figure and gentle eyes. I was slightly stunned.

[Are you done? Let me see first.......... Yes, it is okay. Then how about I give you an explanation about adventurer until your guild card is finished]

[Yes please] (Wazu)

[Well then..... *cough* I will tell you a simple explanation. Adventurer's guild is functioned as intermediary between adventurers and clients who put a request,  a client will pay the rewards for a request you have completed. You can find available request at bulletion board, hand the paper of a request to a receptionist, when receptionist gives you permision you can accept the request. Report to receptionist when you have completed the request. In addition, there is a rank system for the request and adventurer, from the highest to lowest are “S A B C D E F”. Everybody will be started from F-rank. First issued guild card is free. If you lose it you can re-issued after pay 5 gold coin, please be careful. Also, you can accept a request one rank above your adventurer rank. In this case, you will need our examination. Do you have any question?]

[Is there something necessary in request achievement?] (Wazu)

[It depends on the contents of request, like a specific monster's part for subjugation proof, or completion signatures from a person who put a request. Please use those and give it to receptionist. We will examine it, after that the process will be finished]

[How does a rank rise?] (Wazu)

[If you have achieved a defined number of request for each rank, we will tell about the rank-up. It’s ahead of story, however please work hard because there is a test when you go up from D-rank to C-rank]

[I see, I roughly understand. When there is something I didn’t understand, I will let you know] (Wazu)

[Please do so. Ah! Also, there is a lot of violent adventurers..... so please avoided them as much as possible..... as long you did it..... things defintely.....]

[Yes, I understand. I’ll becareful as not to make receptionist-san worry] (Wazu)

[Please do that!! A guild card is done, so please hang a drop of your blood so the card can't be abused by others. Crime prevention and status will be indicated on the card and procedure will end with that]

I received the card from receptionist-san. I trying to draw a drop of my blood with knife to the card that has been drawn with a big F. But for some reason the knife can’t hurt my fingertips. On contrary the sharp part of knife gradually dulled..... it will take forever at this rate, but why? I wondering for awhile. And then I bit my fingertips to make it bleeding and dropped my blood to the card.

After that my status emerged, and I was struck dumbed.....

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