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Monday, August 15, 2016

That Person, Later On. . . (Prolog)

It was 2 years ago. . . .

My name is Wazu

15 years old with black hair and black eyes, medium build and height, I had the appearance of a very ordinary man. My parents were common townspoeple living in the Imperial City. I was also an ordinary brother of a cute little sister that two years younger than me who was adored by many.

However, even such an ordinary people like me, had a childhood friend of the same age that I could be proud of.

Her name is Aria

She has a gentle azure eyes and blue long hair like the sky. Her figure is still that of a child, but there is no doubt that she will become a well-balanced beauty in the future. She has a calm personality and kind to anyone without discrimination. She's always smiling around me, but sometimes her dark.... no, it’s not good to speak badly of others so let’s stop at that, now....

When Aria and I were 12 years old, we promised to always be together in the future.

Strangely, my sister was always in a bad mood after she found out about it. I had a hard time because of that....

Opss we were talking about Aria right now.

At the age of 13, she was appointed as a [saint] by church to subdue the Demon Lord and reluctantly joined Hero's party. Why is that? because Aria herself wasn't that eager to go. However, her parents and the poeple around were persuading her to go. I'm the only one who know about this matter, I guess.

At that time I couldn’t say anything...

Even though someone I love was snatched away in front of my eyes, I couldn't raised a good objection when the adults saying "it's for the world peace". Since then I've always prayed for Aria's safety every day.

And then, about two years later.... just a little more time before my 15th birthday, a news was spreaded around the world.

“The Hero party has defeated Demon Lord”

The world was wrapped in joy. But I was still full of anxiety until I see Aria for myself. A few weeks after the news, Aria came back. Arc de parade was held by townspeople to received Hero party before they reported to the king.

From the dinstance I confirmed Aria's figure with my eyes, I’m was feeling relieved from the bottom of my heart. Now I think about it, at that time she was strangely close with Hero-sama.

From Aria’s parents I heard that she was bounded with the report and celebration party in the palace, so I couldn’t meet her right away.

But a few days later, something that I will never forget happened.

That day I was not able to settle down from the euphoria because of I will be able to meet Aria at last. I was walking in the town unsteadily.

Casting skeptical gazes at the stalls and restaurants that are full of townspeople who are smile lively full of happiness. Without realized it I was walking in back alleys.

And then I saw it. What I saw was....

Aria and Hero-sama kissing in the back alleys to avoiding people's gaze....

After that, I don’t remember how I managed to get home. My head was blank. I couldn’t think of anything. Even when my sister talk to me anxiously, I could only reply it with a [Yeah....] or [Well....]

Even after coming to my room, I still couldn’t cast off that spectacle from my mind, I didn’t know what to do....

Having sat for a while, I noticed that my knees were wet.....

I was crying......

The promise we made that day would become just a story from the past....

I didn’t want to stay in this city anymore....

Because there were too much memories with Aria in this town....

I scribbled some words on a paper and ran away from our house with a little money. It said....

"Please don't look for me, and take care yourself".

"I'm wishing for Aria and Hero-sama's happiness."

That day, The man who should have been celebrating his 15th birthday has disappeared from the Imperial capital while crying.

**Proofreader : Truffle** 

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  3. A few weeks after the news, Aria is come back.
    A few weeks after the news, Aria came back.

    From the dinstance I confirmed Aria figure with my eyes, I’m was feeling relieved from the bottom of my heart. Now I think about it, at that time she was strangely close with Hero-sama.

    From the distance I confirmed Aria's figure with my eyes, I was feeling relieved from the bottom of my heart. Now that I think about it, at that time she was strangely close with Hero-sama.

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