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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chapter 4 - Encounter With The Elves

The silver-haired Elf thanked me

[ ..... ] (Wazu)

Huh? I wonder why..... my voice doesn’t come out. Moreover I think my cheeks became somewhat hot. I will be suspicious if not give a reply soon!!  Umm..... umm..... what should I say in this kind of situation? Anything is good, I just need to say something..... ah look, she is waiting for my reply, please don’t stare with such eyes.....

What now!! I can’t think of anything!!

Damn, why I can’t speak well in the crucial time. My long-awaited conversation after 2 years, it’s feels getting away. Elf-san too, what it is? Huh? Is there something on my face? Looking at me with such face.



No, not that!!

The child also turning her eyes towards me with worry, shit!!!

This is putting more pressure on me. Calm down me, I just need to say something. Let's take a deep breath, surely there must be something I can say!

Something..... something..... something.....

[All right, I've decided it ~ ~ ~ ! ! ! ! !] (Wazu)

Noo.... What the heck is that!?

My head instantly went cold. Aah I’m messed up this time. I know it. Yeah I’m understand it clearly. It’s just happened like that, I didn’t believe what I just say myself, but everything can’t be taken back anymore. I accept it, I will accept anything that she will say. Please do not escape my body, calm down my legs, together let’s accept the disgrace. Doing so, I have fortified my resolution.


[Ha-Ha hahaha]

Two laughs resounded into my consciousness, the man voice give an amazed feeling and the woman voice.... it sounds as if she is having fun. Two people who just getting rid of the scars-man walked slowly towards my place.

[Boy, what the hell are you talking about all of sudden?]

[Isn't it good? I think he is a funny kid, you also think so. . . right, Sarona?]

[You there, he just saved Siena, shouldn't you thanked him first?] (Sarona)

Sarona huh.... I think it’s a beautiful name.

[Yeah sorry, thank you very much]

[I know, I know, thank you for helping Siena]

[Ah no, sorry for suddenly saying something strange] (Wazu)

I lightly lowered my head. While at it, I take a glance at Sarona-san, she is showing a big smile on her face.

[Onii-chan, thank you for helping] (Siena)

Siena is also saying thank you.

When she called me Onii-chan, I remember my sister who I left in the Imperial City. Unintentionally I gently stroking Siena's head. I wonder if she is doing fine....

[Well, it’s not like we are doubting you, but why are you alone in this kind of place?] (Sarona)

I just noticed haven’t introduced myself when Sarona-san referred me with ‘You’.

[Umm..... where should I start.... ah my name is Wazu and because of various things I just come down from THAT mountain, when on my way to go through this forest I suddenly heard a cry so I rushed here.....] (Wazu)

While explaining, I pointed towards “The Mountain” I have been living for 2 years.

[Wait a second, the mountain you referred just a little while ago, is that some kind of joke?]

[Yeah really, we don’t know how we should react? for elves that life in this forest, that mountain is not something that can be laughed off ]

[ ?? ] (Wazu)

Joke? Laugh? I’m just telling the truth about myself though. But for some reason my words was taken as joke, I feels a little discomfort. Well it’s better to not mind it. Instead, I just want to know the location of nearest town. But Sarona-san suddenly give a remark.

[let’s see, I will tell you that later but first why don’t you come to our village? We are feeling indebted to you for helping Siena so let us give you something in return ] (Sarona)

[That’s right, if it’s just simple dinner I can make it]

[Huh? how’s rare for you to be like that!! Maybe there will be monster horde attack tomorrow?]

[Say what.....?]

Sarona-san seems to be having fun looking at these two people tease each other. I was stroking Siena head while looking at the three of them, It’s sure has been long time.

I accept Sarona’s offer for going to Elf village. Sarona-san is walking ahead as guide, the remaining two people were talking to me profusely. Apparently, it’s unusual for them to be so friendly with the people they have just met. I know their name from the conversation, the man is Yuyuna and the women is Ruruna. The two are twins, Yuyuna is tall-man with little hanging-eyes and Ruruna body is little plump, she has droopy eyes that gives a gentle feeling.

We exchanged fun conversation while heading to the Elf village. I want to talk with Sarona-san, but words doesn’t come out well before Sarona-san. Muuu.....

And then, we had reached Elf village inside the forest. A bunch of Elves were standing in front of Elf village, one woman from them was running over here. Siena also move away from me when she saw her. The two of them were hugged each other while crying. It’s her mother, surely.....

The other Elves were saying  “thank you” or “well done” to the Sarona-san's group. I separated from the three to watch from side

Hmmm.... I noticed someone from the crowd that directing some kind of malicious feeling towards Sarona-san’s group.

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