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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chapter 19 - Fia-Chan

Halo-Halo Sabishii desu!!

How's the new template? was is easy to read the pages?
I got stucked when translating chapter 19, so lately I was playing with the blog template instead hehe. . .


  1. I must say... I was surprised when I got a pop-up add when clicking got it for the cookies... I was like Wut?

    Other than that... Thanks for translating it for others (I'm reading raw). Just wanted to check on how far along you are... (Doesn't remember what happens in which chapter number, only remembers timeline of content)... ... ... So yeah...

    Fluffy stuff! 3 fluffies, 1 ? and then another fluffy is my party count then add along a Yu who is fluffy... probably?

    1. Thank you, please tell me if I made a mistake because sometime there are some part that I cant't understand what the author trying to say

  2. Template is ok. But has is no mobile version?

    1. I can't read the text because the background is transparent when using mobile template, maybe I will use other template for mobile view later on

  3. All that super bright pink is hard on the eyes is all I have to say