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Friday, August 5, 2016

Chapter 16 - Enemy Searching ~ Sama

Halo-Halo Sabishii desu!! :D

I read some news that Sword Art Online (SAO) will be adapted into live action.
Well let's not put too much expectation that it will be as good as the anime.


  1. Yeah...I'm don't anywhere near Live Action series. It's going to be done by an American group, so I can't see anything other than it being really weird.

  2. And the irony is that imo the anime wasn't even good..... Live action? Meh a tall tale dream.

  3. Imo, the first season was good, 2nd - 3rd... not so much. And knowing what happened about the past live action animes, not going to expect for it to be good.

    I wish they just make an anime about the Alicization arc.

  4. Only live action from an old anime like Death Note, Detroit Metal City, or Samurai x that can make you satisfied with

    1. +1 vote for Detroit Metal City

      That was super hilarious live action lol